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new urchin on the streets

Well I am new here to Babbage recently getting in after sneaking on a boat, not sure where I came from but I am here now, so far am meeting some great friends, the urchins have taken me in, and are teaching me the ropes of liveing on the streets… though the odd thing no more then two days in and I found a strange scene, not sure I should talk bout hte dead body guess the biggies are still working on investigating it, though I am a bit jumpy when I hear they had a werewolf problem recently… not sure what I am getting into but I am not afraid. Though I got to be carefull my nose gets me into places that are not good, that body I smelt from a bit away, think i got a few odd looks for that, but I have made great friends so far  in Stormy, Satu, Loki, Jimmy and Cyan to name a few glad there takeing me in, not sure I wanna be wandering these streets alone, Stormy and Satu found me my first night here. Well thats it for now… now to see if i can finaly catch that cursed fat rat down by the canals he does look like a good meal…..

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