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New home, old friends and exciting experiments

Ahhhhh change! Eternal change!

I have successfully moved from my very comfortable quarters in  Mechnics Mews to Mrs. Tripsa’s former shop in Clockhaven square. This will allow me to explore a few areas of interest I have been eager to pursue.

The offices of Alchemic Agility will re-open in the main space off the square. They are temporarily on sabbatical until I can reorganize the space for proper Agility Counseling. One of the benefits of the new location for clients is that I will be able to ensure greater privacy in sessions through the use of one of my airships which can launch from a mooring on the clock tower.

Speaking of flight, I was experimenting with some refinements in locomotion similar to that used by the noble cephalopod, the Air Kraken. I have stumbled upon a successful initial implementation – the end product will be forced aether-stream locomotion. Unfortunately, the success wound up being much more powerful than I had expected. The test drone wound up shooting through the roof of my workshop. This alone is not terribly noteworthy in New Babbage, however when Mayor Tenk finally locate the object using the powerful lenses of the various Babbage observatories it was well past the stratosphere and still gaining altitude! All of this with a drone no larger than a cubic meter! I shall certainly have to work on power management for the production version intended to go into my planned airship.

Beyond having a nicer workspace for my fancies, I also have opened a small Absinthe Parlour on the lower level – “Vrai Vert”. I shall have to have an opening party! The only downside is that I can imagine myself quietly sipping away more hours there than productive hours elsewhere.

I have produced a poem for the occasion as an ode to my old friend, the Green Fairy:

j’ai un rendez-vous

avec mon amie,

la fee verte.

‘le meillieur que je connaisse,

cette bonne amie

vrai vert!


I have an appointment

with my friend,

the green fairy.

‘the best that I know,

this good friend

true green!

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