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New Babbage Trivia Contest!

Who is widely credited as having discovered the Wiggyfish?  How was the Martian Invasion ultimately resolved?  

Come test your knowledge of local New Babbage lore at the Trivia Contest!

Hosted by Lady Moldylocks at The Loony Bin, winners will receive a variety of prizes of questionable value (mostly things destined for the junk heap, but some good stuff too!).  The event will be RP, and if you have any suggestions for possible questions, IM or NC Lady Moldylocks.  Trivia about RP storylines welcomed but should be relatively general in nature. 

If it goes well (no sudden explosions, bar fights or projectile vomiting), future trivia contests may become weekly, and alternate between local NB trivia and OCC trivia of the late 1800’s era (What was Brunel famous for creating?)

Cheaters and bald-faced liars will be dealt with on an individual basis, per usual. 

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