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New Babbage Tales (Part 2) – Led by Mosseveno Tenk

New Babbage was established in January of 2007 as a steampunk city for
builders. During the economic downturn of early 20011, with the general
anxiety over the survival of the grid in general, a lively book club
group, and the new mayor’s outrageous proposal that building is
role-play, it became something else – a city of storytellers. Since that
time, we have published 3 hard-copy anthologies, a series of vintage
horror and Christmas radio shows now available on iTunes, and 3 series
of spin off steampunk fiction from our alums. Join Mr. Tenk, who
interprets his role as more of a janitor and brakeman than a mayor, and
some of our homegrown authors as we discuss the mechanics of our unique
process. This event will be held in a combination of text and voice.

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