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New Babbage Residents’ Blogs and Journals

These are blogs and journals of folk who are associated with New Babbage. There’s no need to list the personal ning-journals we have here in New Babbage, since everyone has access to that from right here. As I update the listings, the mods are welcome to delete your request comments. Thanks everyone!
Also! Baron Klaus Wulfenbach has compiled a HUGE reference list of blogs and journals that I will mention here, as well, it’s a fantastic resource:

Mostly Caledon: Fellow SL travellers on the Æthernet

The Aether Salon
The Aether Salon

Ahnyanka Delphin
Adventures of a Wanna-Be Burly Gurl

Alexx McLaglen
Not Your Typical Lady

Augustus Dayafter
The Dayafter Diaries

Bela Lubezki
Her Dark Materials

Beq Janus
Beq’s Adventures in Second Life

BlakOpal Galicia
BlakOpal’s SL Fashion Blog

Bookworm Hienrichs
On The Inside, Looking In

Breezy Carver
The Waves of a Seabreeze

Ceejay Writer
Ceejay’s World

DreddPirateBob Streeter

Edward Pearse
Through the Filter of a Victorian Aesthetic

Gabrielle Riel
Songs from the Nightingale

Gregoe Zlatkis
Gregoe’s Cookbook

Hotspur O’Toole
Hibernia on the Skids

Iscabox Flux
Iscabox Flux

Jedburgh30 Dagger
Colts, Crinolines, and Conspiracies

Kaylee Frye
Kaylee’s Diary

Maelstorme Smythe
Mael’s Mindforge

Meadow McBride
The Magpie Diaries

Myrtil Igaly
Myrtil’s Mess

Orchid McMillan
Orchid McMillan

Phineas Frakture
The Adventures of Phineas Frakture

Poopdeck Halfpint
good deeds of a sailor to be

Rafael Fabre
The Heliograph

Rational Clarity
Rational Clarity

Red Llewellyn
Metaphysical Musings of a Merry Misanthrope

Rip Wirefly
Rip’s Journal

Scarlet Jaggernov
The Diary of an Incurable Minx

Skusting Dagger
The Minor Mishaps and Adventures of Skusting Dagger

Softpaw Sommer
Softpaw the Fae Kitty’s Second Life Journal

Sylvie Franizzi
Letters to Papa

Trilobyte Zanzibar
Trilo Bytes

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