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New Babbage Naval Squadron-Stand To & Muster

This will be an advanced notice for all members of the Naval Squadron.  We will be having a few initial musters to get a headcount on willing participants ahead of Fleet Week this year, and will be having several practice ironclad skirmishes ahead of the ‘official festivities’.

While we made it to the semifinals last year, we do have a long tradition of bringing home the Gold in previous years. I need to get my headcount set so we can do our plotting and planning.


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  1. Wyrmmonkey Resident Wyrmmonkey Resident October 21, 2012

    Is that where your ironclad is supposed to stay on top of the water, and the oppositions should preferably be not floating on the water anymore?

  2. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery October 21, 2012

    Let me loose on the cannon and nobody will be floating anymore.

    • Wyrmmonkey Resident Wyrmmonkey Resident October 21, 2012

      Oh no, not the stale buns ;) be careful people, Miss Psaltery skims them over water and sinks ships, and with the odd high wave an airship too. It’s why all the boats parked infront of her Tea Rooms are parked neatly under water, doesn’t spoil her view of the waters ;)

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