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New Babbage Nativity proposal

There was a rather interesting chat today which may lead to an even more interesting and potentially historic event: A New Babbage Nativity (Babbage style of course) 

Please read on and comment if you have any interest:

07:56] Caesar Osterham: isn't a camel, so honestly doesn't care

[07:56] Elleon Bergamasco: You're not?

[07:56] Elleon Bergamasco: then who will be the camel in the New Babbage Nativity scene?

[07:57] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Oh I can be.

[07:57] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Instead of a camel, it should be a unicorn...we obviously can find a Unicorn.

[07:57] Elleon Bergamasco: Bravo!

[07:57] Elleon Bergamasco: I like where this is going...

[07:59] Elleon Bergamasco wonders who the three wise men would be..

[08:00] Jimmy Branagh: Moe, Larry, and Curly?

[08:00] Elleon Bergamasco: I would say Underby, Tenk and Cleanslate...

[08:00] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Emerson, Malus, and Toby

[08:00] Elleon Bergamasco: but I think the insurance business really did Cleanslate in

[08:01] Elleon Bergamasco: Emerson is really just more of a pretty face, but I suppose he'll do...

[08:02] Count Bologna (rexbologna): He's the wisest man I know

[08:02] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Perhaps the Emp should be in there somewhere

[08:02] Jimmy Branagh: Oh Oy thought it was a general question

[08:02] Caesar Osterham chuckles "And we can get Victor to play King Herod."

[08:02] Elleon Bergamasco: Oh yes!

[08:03] Elleon Bergamasco: we're working on the "New Babbage Nativity" Jimmy, and
good morning!

[08:03] Jimmy Branagh waves

[08:03] Myrtil Igaly: 'mornin'!

[08:03] Elleon Bergamasco: Count Bologna has graciously offered to be the camel..

[08:03] Myrtil Igaly: get Bob back so he can play Jesus

[08:03] Elleon Bergamasco: Good morning Myrtil

[08:03] Elleon Bergamasco gags

[08:04] Caesar Osterham ponders for a moment. "We can cast Jimmy as the Little
Drummer Boy"

[08:04] Elleon Bergamasco: I... erm.. I don't think he would be able to sit in the crib for
that long..

[08:04] Elleon Bergamasco: Oh I like that one Caesar!

[08:04] Elleon
Bergamasco: and we have Avariel as one of the other camels I would hope

[08:04] Elleon Bergamasco: changing the role to "Unicorn"

[08:04] Jimmy Branagh: The Emperor, Dr. Fettlecock, an' Fr. Pizarro faw th' 3 wiseguys

[08:05] Count Bologna (rexbologna): We probably don't need 2 camel owners

[08:05] Jimmy Branagh: Awl heavy drinkers

[08:05] Count Bologna (rexbologna): I can be the inn keeper

[08:05] Caesar Osterham: Hey, there was a small child at last night's Tavern Tuesday who looked like the kid from A Christmas Story. We can cast him as the baby Jesus."

[08:05] Elleon Bergamasco grins

[08:05] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Cyrus?

[08:05] Count Bologna (rexbologna): You must not read the BAR Mr Osterham

[08:05] Elleon Bergamasco: I was thinking Polly would fit in the cradle comfortably..

[08:06] Elleon Bergamasco: Was he taken by Creaky?

[08:06] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Nooooo

[08:06] Caesar Osterham: Yes she would. But we'd then have a baby Jesus with a five o'clock shadow

[08:07] Elleon Bergamasco: hmmm true..

[08:07] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): and I should be the virgin mary......<snicker> ha ha ha ha ha ha

[08:07] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Or an angel.

[08:07] Elleon Bergamasco: As you wish :D

[08:08] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Nooooooo, not me... that sort of thing needs to be a Babbage resident.

[08:08] Caesar Osterham: But I thought we already had you cast as Mary Magdalen in the Easter Pageant, CC

[08:08] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): I just was waiting for someone to make that

[08:09] Caesar Osterham: So, mission accomplished, CC?

[08:09] Elleon Bergamasco: Tenk has a beard... One wonders if he would be Joseph..

[08:10] Caesar Osterham: Actually there are several bearded individuals in Babbage

[08:10] Jimmy Branagh: Is this just musing, or will be a real set?

[08:10] Caesar Osterham thoughtfully strokes his goatee

[08:11] Elleon Bergamasco: It's typical of New Babbage Jimmy, idle chat that may evolve into reality? I am getting an image in my head that would be hilarious, but staging might prove a challenge

[08:11] Elleon Bergamasco: *timing rather

[08:12] Jimmy Branagh: I have a - if I may say - fantastic angel suit. Scary even

[08:12] Caesar Osterham: It at least deserves to be the official Babbage Christmas Card photo this year

[08:12] Myrtil Igaly: oh yes, Jimmy's awesome as an angel

[08:12] Elleon Bergamasco: Oh nice! Perhaps Myrtil can be the little drummer girl

[08:12] Myrtil Igaly: I can!

[08:12] Myrtil Igaly: I even have a drummer outfit

[08:12] Elleon Bergamasco: Perfect!

[08:12] Caesar Osterham: Quick, get that urchin a snare drum

[08:29] Elleon Bergamasco: Now we just need to figure out a time when everyone can be present at the same time...

[08:38] Myrtil Igaly: Who'd be missing now for the Nativity pic?

[08:38] Myrtil Igaly: Polly?

[08:39] Myrtil Igaly: oh and Avariel

[08:39] Elleon Bergamasco: I was thinking she would be baby Jesus :D

[08:39] Myrtil Igaly: yes, I was wondering if we could do it now but we're missing characters

[08:39] Jimmy Branagh: Avariel?

[08:39] Elleon Bergamasco: Avariel is one of the camels :D

[08:39] Jimmy Branagh: Large crib ...

[08:39] Myrtil Igaly: nooooooo hehe

[08:39] Jimmy Branagh: Oh

[08:39] Jimmy Branagh: :)

[08:40] Jimmy Branagh: Could have a baby doll body in the crib, and a hole so Vic could stick his head through ...

[08:40] Myrtil Igaly: so that's Emperor, Father Pizzaro and Dr Fettlecock for the three wise men, Polly for Jesus, I'm the drummer girl and Jimmy's an angel. Avariel and Count Bologna are camels. Who are Joseph and Mary?

[08:41] Myrtil Igaly: oooooh

[08:41] Jimmy Branagh: hehe

[08:41] Jimmy Branagh: Nah Polly is better

[08:41] Myrtil Igaly: Mister Caesar and Miss Elleon are Joseph and Mary?

[08:41] Elleon Bergamasco laughs at Jimmy

[08:41] Elleon Bergamasco: I think Ms CC had volunteered for Mary

[08:41] Count Bologna (rexbologna): No no, I'm the inkeeper now

[08:41] Myrtil Igaly: we need a donkey and a cow don't we?

[08:41] Count Bologna (rexbologna): I refuse to be Camel number two

[08:41] Myrtil Igaly: oh I thought Ms CC was Mary-Magdalena

[08:42] Count Bologna (rexbologna): she's not even born yet

[08:42] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): yes but she wasn't at the nativity

[08:42] Myrtil Igaly: ah yes, she comes later

[08:42] Myrtil Igaly: when the baby is all grown up

[08:43] Myrtil Igaly: You're the inkeeper of what, Count?

[08:43] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Er, of the inn

[08:44] Elleon Bergamasco grins at the Count "you saw how itchy the Camel costume is, didn't you?"

[08:44] Count Bologna (rexbologna): that refused them

[08:44] Count Bologna (rexbologna): and yes

[08:44] Elleon Bergamasco: I thought we had gotten all the fleas out..

[08:44] Count Bologna (rexbologna): I have sensitive skin

[08:44] Shannon Spoonhunter (shannonspoonhunter): Have we cast the donkey? I know a few people who would be good jackasses

[08:45] Jimmy Branagh: I have Obama in a clown suit. He could be the donkey, being Democrat and all

[08:46] Elleon Bergamasco chokes on her tea

[08:46] Jimmy Branagh: 8D

[08:47] Elleon Bergamasco high fives Jimmy

[08:48] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): instead of a donkey, use a Equestria style pony.

[08:48] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): who will love and tolerate the @#$@# out of you.

[08:48] Elleon Bergamasco: Victor has an adorable pony, I wonder if he'd be that..

[08:50] Myrtil Igaly: you're talking about Bronies?

[08:50] Elleon Bergamasco: Of course, this is a New Babbage Nativity... we could use some of the local fauna... which would be... wiggyfish?

[08:50] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): and kraken

[08:50] Count Bologna (rexbologna): and ravens

[08:50] Myrtil Igaly: hmmmm "between the Wiggyfish and the Kraken"?

[08:51] Elleon Bergamasco dies laughing

[08:51] Myrtil Igaly: Jesus gotta be tough

[08:51] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Silent night because the kraken ate all in sight, all is calm all is sooty. round the pub and urchin.....

[08:51] Myrtil Igaly: we could have a Musical!!!

[08:51] Myrtil Igaly: YAY!

[08:51] Elleon Bergamasco: The stable could be a pub!

[08:51] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Jesus Christ Supersteam

[08:52] Myrtil Igaly: oh yes, that has a ring

[08:52] Myrtil Igaly: except the prominent cult in New Babbage is the Church of the Builder

[08:52] Myrtil Igaly: I guess they have other figures

[08:53] Count Bologna (rexbologna): they make great Pharisees

[08:54] Myrtil Igaly: I have no idea who they are

[08:54] Count Bologna (rexbologna): they're more in the easter story, I suppose

[08:55] Myrtil Igaly: I thought Easter was about a hare and bells

[08:55] Jimmy Branagh: They were the kids that preached all the rules, but didn;t follow them Myrtil

[08:55] Myrtil Igaly: aaaaah

[08:56] Myrtil Igaly: oh yes, the Builders probably are like that

[08:57] Jimmy Branagh: Yes when they're not drinking

[08:58] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Are they allowed to drink??

[08:58] Count Bologna (rexbologna): I say...

[08:58] Jimmy Branagh: Pizarro, The Emperor and Fettlecock could be the Babbage Rat Pack

[08:58] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): isn't everyone always drinking babbage?

[08:58] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): After all the default resting state of babbage buildings is "pub"

[08:58] Jimmy Branagh: My point exactly, Count

[08:59] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Aha

[08:59] Myrtil Igaly: Maybe they use the liquor as a way to get closer to the Builder

[08:59] Myrtil Igaly: or the opium

[09:01] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan) shops to come closer to Nirvana.

[09:02] Count Bologna (rexbologna): Well, folks, I must head off to work, good day!

[09:03] Elleon Bergamasco: What does everyone think, shall was post this conversation to the BAR and see if anyone is interested/able to find time to stage a New Babbage Nativity?

[09:03] Jimmy Branagh: Bye Count

[09:03] Jimmy Branagh: ure

[09:03] Jimmy Branagh: Sure

[09:03] Elleon Bergamasco: My schedule is rather crowded of late, but would love to see it come to fruition :D

[09:03] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan) is reminded I don't have a BAR in SL.

[09:04] Gager Resident: New Babbage Nativity what?

[09:04] Gager Resident: I logged in on that note...

[09:05] Elleon Bergamasco grins

[09:05] Elleon Bergamasco: we have been having a discussion on staging a New Babbage Nativity... Babbage style

[09:06] Gager Resident: What, finding the baby Cloud Angel that started that? =p

[09:07] Elleon Bergamasco: More the question of whether or not Caesar was a camel..


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  1. Elleon Bergamasco Elleon Bergamasco December 9, 2015

    Apologies for the formatting, I’m a bit rusty-EB

    • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 9, 2015

      Yay! My brain will not explode now ^_^


    • Dee Wells Dee Wells December 9, 2015

      It’s really better if we don’t know 0.O

    • Elleon Bergamasco Elleon Bergamasco December 9, 2015

      What? Can’t you just see it? Little Polly nestled between the Kraken and the Wiggyfish, a unicorn gazing on and a clockwork Mary… and.. and.. 

    • Caesar Osterham Caesar Osterham December 19, 2015

      I’m thinking too much soot nog.

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 9, 2015

    *is… a humpy back camel…* O_o

    But not baby Jesus as that would be silly! *nods*


  3. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx December 9, 2015

    Next thing ya know, we’ll be staging a New Babbage Christmas Carol a la Charles Dickens.

    – Edward Hyde

    • Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw December 9, 2015

      Victor would make a great Scrooge.  *Grins*

  4. Rigby H. Copperhead Rigby H. Copperhead December 10, 2015

    T-t-those urchins would make l-l-lovely little a-angels. *Smiles innocently*

  5. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse December 12, 2015

    Heh, New Babbage Christmas Carol reminds me of the Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

    • Caesar Osterham Caesar Osterham December 16, 2015

      I am now picturing the New Babbage Nativity as something from an even more warped version of the Vicar of Dibley.

      We’re all going straight to Hell, aren’t we?  On the express elevator no less.

  6. Ramblingal Ramblingal February 5, 2016

    Have you heard the one about when Buddha, Ra and a Rabbi walked into a manger-pub?

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