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New Babbage Militia Alert

Bookworm Hienrichs enters the Militia headquarters, panting a little from her brisk walk from the hospital, where she’d seen Blackberry Harvey being worked on by Dr. Sonnerstein and Mr. Arnold.  She pulled a piece of paper to her, quickly scrawled a note, and posted it where everyone would see it.



Be on the lookout for one Mr. Henri Metier, a newcomer to New Babbage.  Description of the subject is sketchy, but he was last seen wearing a black Musketeer-style uniform.  Subject should be detained for questioning in the matter of the assault on Mr. Blackberry Harvey.


With a sigh, Bookworm exited the headquarters, beginning her own search.

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  1. Wiggy Undertone Wiggy Undertone July 17, 2011

    ASSAULT!  The fiend!  And on a personal friend of mine! This is simply too much…

    Perhaps it is time for me to approach Jed and Mr. Tenk about enlisting in the Militia once again.  I would not expect to receive a captain’s commission again, but I wonder if Jed could use a lieutenant?

  2. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower July 18, 2011

    He hurtz da bunny?

    *cranks up tummy engine*

    I iz NO happy…

    *picks up plate of cookies and thus fueled, begins her patrol*


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