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New Babbage in the News, a blog post and video…

I was searching “New Babbage” in a Google image search today just to see what pops up, and I came across this article and lovely video by Huckleberry Hax:

Edited to request addition into
I’m proud to be part of something here with everyone. Seeing articles and videos like this makes me happy.

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    • Goat Fauve Aeon Goat Fauve Aeon June 8, 2017

      Oh good, I’m sorry I didn’t find it, I’m still learning my way around the city and the BAR! How does one add things to it?

      • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs June 8, 2017

        I’ll get in touch with you in-world.

  1. Goat Fauve Aeon Goat Fauve Aeon June 8, 2017

    Another video but a bit less flattering of an impression, it seems. Though I laughed at my ‘junk area’ because that’s exactly what it was supposed to be. I need a steam-powered automatic broom though, if that ones seems “magic” to visitors. Oops. Time to shop.

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