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New Babbage Burnout Jaunt to the Beach Party

After a few hitches, we finally have a firm date for our steam charabanc to take us all to the beach for a party on Avariel’s lovely island.  Beachwear recommended; any era, just decent.

This party is a thank-you to all the supporters of the RFL teams of New Babbage, Dr. Who Fans, and Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, made possible by the winning at auction of frolicking time on Aquila III.

No donations for RFL will be taken, but spontaneous giving of lindens may be directed towards Avariel for her island and to our DJ, some Scottish bloke.

N.B.  We are aware that 23rd August is DR WHO DAY so if there will be any overlap we’ll start a bit later. Yay!

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