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New, and sort of Steampunk.


Apophis is the Serpent of Chaos, as well as a near-Earth asteroid. And now, it’s a new suit from Avatar Bizarre!



Suit includes everything in the picture:

Coat with sculpted cuffs and collar

Flexi coat tails with a jeweled/chain belt

Pants with sculpted pant cuffs

Color coordinated waistcoat



Several colors/designs are in the works, but Nightmare and Midnight are the first to be released.

The first two suits are currently available in the shop located over the Bucket of Blood.

Visit the Avatar Bizarre
mainstore to find a variety of menswear, costumes, unisex clothing, eyes, and
accessories. We also have a Gacha machine, which is a bit like a
gumball machine – you never know what you’ll get for your 25L, but it’s all exclusive and not currently for sale anywhere else in the store.  All Gacha items are transfer.

Join the Avatar Bizarre Subscribe O Matic group for news on sales, hunts, and more.

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