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Mr Zed goes on Holiday Pt1

The two men stood at the front of the building and exchanged quizzical looks. The directions had been simple enough, as the young officer at the Militia Barracks had said. “Just down there to the street, turn right, go straight past City Hall, cross the tracks, right at the monument, and it’ll be on your right.”

The building they found was not quite what they expected, and neither was the office they found within. Somehow the two of them had decided ahead of time that they would find something a bit more elaborate, and something in a nicer part of town. Still, they had come all this way…

The taller of the two men looked at his companion and shrugged, then rapped on the door. A curt female voice answered from within with a reply of “Come in”. The men opened the door and walked into an office that was as Spartan in decoration as the surroundings would portend. The occupant of the office remained seated behind a large rolltop desk.

“What can I do for you, gentlemen?” the voice asked. The shorter of the two men harrumphed, but was cut short by the tall man.

“We’ve come to inquire about the possibility of speaking with Commodore Dagger,” he said, “if that is possible. Is the Commodore in?”

The voice stifled a laugh, and stated “I think that can be arranged…”

The shorter man stamped his foot and exclaimed “This is quite enough Miss. Please inform your employer that we wish to see him immediately. We are under a tight schedule and this…”

Jed stood to her feet with a very displeased look on her face. It was the taller man’s turn to bite back a smile, and while this did not pass unnoticed to the redhead, her ire was directed solely at the other man.

“State your business.” She said. The taller man placed his hand on the shoulder of his associate and smiled. “Please forgive us for making a presumption based on your resume. My name is Crandell, and I would like to discuss hiring your services for a matter that my employer feels you have a particular experience in dealing with.” He smiled again and removed his hat. The shorter man followed his lead, but retained the displeased look on his face. Jed inclined her head and gestured towards the interior of the office and a trio of chairs.

“As I said before, our employer is looking to hire a team of individuals for a particular task, and through our resources your name was mentioned as a potential member.” Crandall said. He pulled a notebook from inside his jacket and leafed through several pages before continuing. “While there are quite a few things here, it also seems that there are quite a few gaps as well, possibly some official omissions…?”

Jed smiled that sphinxlike smile of hers, and leaned back in the chair. “Of course statements like that lead me to wonder how your employer would be privy to such things in the course of normal business?”

Both men cut each other a glance before Crandall began speaking again. “Our employer is very well connected and has significant means at their disposal. We were both told that securing your services was of the highest priority, and that we should use whatever we could to get you to say yes.”

“Now I am very intrigued,” she said “so just what do you have in mind?”

Both men cut each other a quick sideways glance before the shorter man spoke. “So Ms Dagger, how much do you know about zombies?”

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