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Mr U——– summoned to service in the Restored Republic of Texas.

Friends of Pilipo Underwood, now 2nd Sergeant Underwood, as will be explained later, may wish to be informed of his upcoming absence from the Steamlands as his homeland is threatened, thouse of you who follow New World politics, or have kinfolk or asscociates in the States, especially the Restored Republic of Texas, know why, and the President of the Lone Star Republic has put forth a patriotic call to duty. He presents the obstensive justification is the celebration of the three score anniversary of the First Independance. The most likely reason is difficulties on their borders: light cavalry from the Confederation of Indian Territories have been observed in the northern extremities of their Nation, as well as disturbing reports of an entire battalion of Mexican Soldados that has vanished in the contested desert west of El Paso – whether they are geographically lost and following false trails or all wiped out, if that be the case it is presumed by abuscade or superior force, has yet to be determined.


It is tradition, perhaps even Law, that all young men born in Texas, or under the jurisdiction thereof, must attend martial training and assemble a “campaign kit”. They are not required to join the regular army, but must come at the call of the President or the Restored Texas Senate as they are automatically assigned to Irregular Regiments, as well as specific months every five years to patrol the international boundaries. Pilipo Underwood, as some know, is a Texian from the island city of Galveston. Having been expatriate for four years now, it was time for him to return at any rate.  His length of absence is unknowable but will almost certainly last until the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto in late April.


Sgt. U will serve with Company G of the 3rd Irregulars, and that particular company has the heavy support attached to them, as they include a Texas Ranger steam walker with a Tesla mortar along with a Texian Scorpion, a six-legged demi-human construct that carries two steam gatlings; the good Sergeant’s orders are to maintain the analytical engines on the clanks. He has only this image from a damaged heliotype-camera, and it is of poor quality, but it gives a certain edyfying impression.



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