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Mr. Angkarn comes to New Babbage – Chapter Two: The Hunt


Mr. Angkarn sat up, dazed and disoriented. He looked around, noticing he was on a boat of some kind. Wiping his eyes clear of any grogginess, he tried to acclimate himself to the new surroundings. The smell of raw fish and soot permeated his nose. “I know that smell,” he said to himself. “This is definetly the smell of New Babbage! I have returned!”

It was in fact the third time in only a matter hours that Orpheus had returned to New Babbage. Just hours ago (maybe days, Orpheus didn’t know) he had been on the Nautilus, a state of the art submersible captained by Archibald “Nemo” Nemowitz. They had left Steelhead for Port Babbage, when talk of special gears designed to transport people large distances through the aether began to make the rounds. Mr. Angkarn was intrigued, but thought nothing of it when he went to sleep that night.

He awoke to find himself in a strange building on the mainland. He was informed that he had been selected to participate in “the Hunt.” The only way back to the Nautilus would be to use the “portkey” gears. They transport the user through space and time to a particular point, and the only way to not be trapped there is to find the next Portkey. Orpheus was handed a wireless radio receiver, which could be used to communicate with other hunters. He was also presented a large gear. “Grab hold and prepare for your journey.” He was told. Orpheus did, and everything went black….

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