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Mr. Angkarn comes to New Babbage – Chapter 2 (part 2)

The sensation of travelling via gear was hard to describe. Orpheus felt squeezed as if being pulled through a tiny hole, and yet at the same time he felt as if he had just leaped from a tall building. His vision was blurred by darkness, and then the eventual recognition of shapes around him. He did not know where he was, or when for that matter. There were strangely dressed people, which meant he could be in the future. Orpheus just didn’t know. A sign stood by where he had appeared, which gave him a clue to where the gear was hidden.

And so it went: clues led him to hidden gears which leapt him to a new location. Twice before this last arrival Orpheus had leapt to New Babbage, once outside a furniture shop and once on a cargo shop. Both times he knew he had to continue, else he might risk crossing his own timestream and corrupting everything. And now, for a third time, he found himself “home”

Well, not really home, as this was Satu Moreau’s sushi shop. Satu was not there, so Orpheus began to look around. On the counter stood a plate of what looked like a fresh plate of calimari. He started walking around, looking for the gear, when he heard a crash. Startled, he turned around. The calimari dish was no longer on the counter. “Who’s there?” shouted Mr. Angkarn. Nobody answered, but he thought he heard a shuffling sound leading to the front of the boat.

Orpheus walked back outside. “Strange,” he thought, “there is no one here.” Then he heard the shuffle sound behind him. He turned around to find…

The plate of calimari? Deep fried tendrils now gripped the edges of the plate and it lifted up. Orpheus had never seen anything like this. Without warning, the appetizer rose up on its tendrils a second time and scurried towards the man. Orpheus did what any sane man would do when lunch comes charging at you.

He gave the plate a mighty kick. Both the dish and the fried squid pieces arched through the air and landed with a splash in the icy Vernian depths. “Of all the things I’ve seen in New Babbage,” thought Orpheus, “that has got to be one of the strangest.” With a renewed dislike for squid, Orpheus went back inside where he found the next gear. He reached for it, hoping that this next leap might be the leap home.

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  1. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau March 9, 2011

    ((::giggles madly:: XD I must be biased, this is my favorite of your posts in the story yet. lol And love the shot you got of the cthulumari!))

    • Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn March 10, 2011

      I’d hate for that to get up and start chasing me…. must have been a baby air kraken….

    • Yang Moreau Yang Moreau March 10, 2011

      I still say those look so delicious!

    • THE Dredd Pirate Bob THE Dredd Pirate Bob March 10, 2011

      *finds post-its, goes into town


      just brilliant :D

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman March 10, 2011

    ((never liked calimari as a kid, until a local tavern near my college , deep fried cephalopod, mm mmm good, eat them now before they rise up and eat us all))

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