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Motivational Hypnosis

Holmes has been feeling out of spirits lately and Dr. Kaligawa suggested a therapy session of motivational hypnosis. The alternative cures were mercury tooth paste and complete abstinense from bad habits, which seemed rather too … unappealing…at least for starters.

Katri: “And what is it, that is bothering you?”

Holmes: *wibbles* “Doctor, doctor! I feel like a fake detective. I can’t seem to deduce anything.”

Katri: “Oh plague and syphilis – again?! But you can do anything! You play the violin and all.”

Holmes: “Yeah, but I feel like I’m the chap in that moving picture I saw. The one with the drunk fellow pretending to be a detective whilst his pal was actually behind everything.”

Katri: “Sounds serious. I recommend a short hypnosis session. The goal is to highlight your good qualities and strengthen the weak ones.”

Holmes: “Right now? This is a bit sudden…”

Katri *taking out a strange looking machine* : “I will start to count to ten slowly, you will feel more drowsy after each number. One…two…three…”

Holmes: @_@

Katri: “Four…five…six…”

Holmes: -_-

Katri: “Seven…eight…nine…ten.”

Holmes: zZz

Katri: “Stop snoring! Holmes, you are only a small person. A tiny little particle in the vast universe. But think! Compared to an ant you are huge! Even though they are strong compared to their size, you are even stronger! You could crush one with your little toe! (But you wont, because you’re gentle.) They also don’t have a brain. They only have a ventral nerve cord. And they live in a pile of sticks and eat plant-louse pee.”

Holmes: “Uh…but they do know how to build a nest. I can’t seem to be able to build anything.”

Katri: “Simple. They start by putting a stick on another stick.”

Holmes: “Oh yes. You’re very smart. But how do I find the strength to start?”

Katri: “Think of the ants!”

Holmes: “Hmm. True. They don’t know how to build a rather strange looking dog house for example. I could do that. They just live in a pile of sticks…”

Katri: “Quite right! I will now wake you up by counting slowly from ten down. With each number you will feel even better and stronger! Ten…nine…you’re almost omnipotent! Eight…seven…and you don’t even have tinea pedis on your feet…six…five….you have a very nice tie too!…four…three…your digestion is working as well…two…one. Pim! You’re awake!”

Holmes: “Where am I? What happened?” o_o

If it really worked, we’ll find out. As for possible side-effects…Holmes has not started to run around barking, at least yet.

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