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Moses was a pussycat….((Recollection of thoughts))

The anger in my mind would be the end of me…and the darkness of my soul would see that true….

By the time Uncle Michael and I finished our discussions regarding imports the hour of the day had begun to escape us. Pleased, we both decided to give the wine trials a run in New Babbage, with his Pub being a hub station for tastings. Though my uncle, being smart as he was, knew something else was on my mind. Though the hint of darting eyes probably was very obvious. Content with my lie of exhuastian, we turned to head home only to run into a gentleman I met earlier in the day.

His name was Geoffry, though I can’t recall his last name to save my life…I just remembered how he looked like a bit of ground beef slapped onto a face and tucked behind a mask white as can be.

Introductions made, I felt my ease disappear internally as I saw the creature I externally hated round the bin just in time…Rustybones Fearsome.

He passed me a wink as I saw him clearly and my Uncle did so as well taking care to hold my arm study seemingly knowing my distaste for the corpse that approached us.

My uncle cleared his throat and offered his usual cheery “Hello Rusty!” and Rusty returned it with a throaty, “‘Llo” his eyes only leaving mine for a moment as he nodded to Michael and then to Geoffry who was looking at the man with much confusion on his brow. He then smirked as his gaze returned to me…” ‘Llo darlin’….miss me?”

If I could of I would of spit in his face, but my heart was racing at other things present.

“You’re not bothering this fine young fellow…are you Rusty?” I sneered at him giving him the best sewerlook I could.

“What ‘cha gonna do ’bout it if I am…” he scoffed back crossing his arms and rocking in that taunting manner he normally uses.

I felt my Uncles grip tighten a little knowing very well he knew my intentions to mame the man…I mean to kill….-ahem- kill. I continued though….feeling the hackles on the back of my neck raise with excitement…as the other two probably saw anger.


“Oh you know VERY well what I am going to do to you sir…” and with that my hand disappeared down my bodice to pull out a rather nicely shaped Sissen 1.0 (2.0 wasn’t open for download yet…) and pointed it straight faced at the man.

Rusty laughed loudly and rocked back, unscathed by my gestures and pocketed his meaty fists. “Guess I’ll be seein’ you then, eh darlin?” he shrugged me off and my reaction fueled the dangerousness of the situation as I saw him walk up Sweetwater Row.

“Get back here you bastard!!” I shouted breaking free of my uncle and popping off a couple rounds at the man who ducked quick enough to be grazed and take off up the road with me in quick persuit.

In the distance I could hear the panting yellings of my uncle shouting “Bianca! It isnt’ worth it!! Bullets are expensive!!” but I kept on him, shooting, again…round three into the side of Jervil’s shop…again…..round four into the window of some poor souls abode….again…round five barely missed his backside as he jumped up some piping and onto the edge of a brick building where he purched like the gargoyle he was.

I only had one shot left…and it needed to count…Rusty knew it too and he stayed his ground. I prayed this one through as Uncle, Mr. Geoffry and Ms. Naveen which seemed to come from no where appeared. “Ms. Namori!!! Are you alright??” she called up to me, but the pounding of my heart drowned out much, along with the whistling steam of the pipes below my heels.

Rusty looked around for a moment before raising his hand to taunt me…to signal me…

“RUSTY! Get down here RIGHT now you dirty whoremonging pier rat!”

Rusty laughed loudly at my words, and I knew the laughter was real at my choice of insults. “Come ‘n get me darlin’ if ya want!”

After a pause I let the last round release and watched as Rusty leaned away from it as smooth as a scene from a movie not yet invented. He bowed to me after the echoing blast died and walked over the rooftop and into the setting sun. Pleased, I jumped from the piping ensuring I landed hard enough to crack a heel and fall to my bustle.

“Drat drat drat DRAT!!!” I shouted loud enough to snap the three’s attentions and have them come running to my aide. My uncles hand was out instantly as he rose me to my feet, my anger seeming to froth as I focused on my shoes for a moment eyeing Rusty walk up the street and out of sight without worry.

–I often wondered how ones soul could be so cold and cruel…how a villian became a villian…and now I embrace it as if the darkness was a part of me all along and was just reawakened….–

Naveen seemed baffled for a moment that I was worried about a pair of zapatos instead of the fact I just took a nasty fall. “Are you alright dear? What was that all about?” she asked, her soft voice full of geniune worry and concern…she couldn’t be a victim…I’ll make sure of it.

“AAaggghghghh! No I’m NOT ok! First my dress, now my SHOES!?” I wined and moaned like a widow at a funeral as my uncle, used to my dramatic outbursts, patted my head calmly.

“There there Bianca, it’ll be ok…” he said dryly comforting me as I seemed to calm.

I errupted yet again with words that would stun anyone…”I need a stiff one…NOW!” I demanded leaving my uncle to step back in shock before shaking his head as the realization of my true desires emerged. “Right! A drink! We’ll let’s go then…I’ll fix you up something…” he went to turn me away before Geoffry chimed up happily. “My father has a hutch, I’m sure we can enjoy something from there and it’s only a block away if you’d like Ms. Namori.”

Not good…

I thought for a moment and then turned to smile, “Oh no dear…my Uncle owns a pub out in New Babbage….drinks are on the house with him.” I passed him a wink before looking to Ms. Naveen who still looked like a deer in the headlights of one of Mr. Morningtons’ steamcars.

“You -will- be joining us, won’t you?” I said snapping her out of her daze. The woman flustered a moment before saying “Oh yes…of course!” she then smiled warmly as I stepped from my uncle and pretended to wipe a tear. “I need to change…I shall meet you there then?” my uncle nodded guiding the others in his direction before they went up the street and out of site.

–The heartbeat is an amazing thing…it keeps the body going…even with the blood turning colder than an artic night…–


Safely in my room bloomers adorn, I tore open my amoire and shuffled throught the closet for a dress I’ve been meaning to get rid of for some time. The raven satin gown was as fitting to me as I found myself looking at my soon to be departed. My left arm…

Sitting for a moment I looked at the amputation kit that I was given by a gent out in Steelhead for tonights services. The agenda, a little bit of partying at the Pub to draw out the masses, followed by anger misaimed and ended by the grand finale of a missing arm…


I took up the syringe, removed the cap that kept the needle safe and squeezed out the air. As I inserted the needle where the diagram showed me and pushed, I felt the hot sensation take it’s affect numbing my arm slightly, and then more and more as time went on…the seconds they were.

Tonight I was counting on the predictability of people…and the hope of being pleasantly suprised at a few…

But after tonight, I knew one thing for sure…the things I have in store for this town will make Moses’ methods seem like the adorable nature…of a pussycat’s play….



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  1. Naveen Bovarro Naveen Bovarro October 25, 2010

    *Lounges out on her couch sipping a hot cup of tea as Rusty’s words replay over and over in her mind, plaguing her with doubts. “Heh, ya make it sound like I’m the animal that bit ‘er… ya really think my teeth could do that kinda damage, eh?”*

  2. Maggie Lynwood Maggie Lynwood October 26, 2010

    ((*grins* Oh, I knew I’d made a fine choice when I put ya in me sway, I did I did. O’course, this does explain summat wot’s been bothering me since Saturday eve. ))

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 26, 2010

      ((Ooooh. Does we need to chitter Maggie dear? :) My character is a snot, but my typist is a lambchop! -huggles her-))

  3. Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga October 26, 2010

    ((Dear, dear, dear. Rowan know thinks you have gone ’round the twist, and is scared of you. Good job! ^_^ Seriously, wow! I look forward to whatever you have coming for us.))

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 27, 2010

      ((-fanfares and giggles-))

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