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more mesh notes

if you aren’t reading Loki Eliot’s build blogs, you should.

the prim absorbsion physics trick

sculpt v. mesh , land impact v. actual rendering cost

Theory of LOD, things you should know to make good judgement calls when uploading decay models

personal challenge for the end of summer: if you’ve got the tools, skills, and/or friends, think about replacing all of your sculpted stairs and windows. mesh replacements will look better and reduce lag.

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  1. Osric Worbridge Osric Worbridge August 29, 2012

    Took up your personal challenge. Made mesh chairs and tables to replace my sculpted ones.

    (All the blogs were very helpful)

    Comparision data sculpt vs. mesh.


    Sculpt chair:                                                Mesh chair:

    1 prim                                                           1 prim

    1.5 Download                                               0.2 Download

    1.8 Physics                                                    0.8 Physics

    0.5 Server (1.0 scripted)                              0.5 Server (0.8 scripted)

    767 display                                                    394 Display


    Mesh LOD was vastly better than sculpt.


    • Osric Worbridge Osric Worbridge August 29, 2012

      Plus textures on mesh fitted to each part. Sculpt 1 texture wrapped to semi workable state.

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