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Message Recieved and Letter Sent

Tepic had been relaxing with a punter in the restored Sneaky Vole when he spotted the vixen in the far corner of the yard. He stood up from where he was sitting and the visitor, recognising a situation developing, excused themselves, leaving the two foxes alone.

The vixen looked as if she had been through the mill, with tattered clothing and mud spattering her usually pristine fur. The boy realised although they had spoken several times, he did not know her name, so, introducing himself again, he was pleased that after a short pause, she told him she was called Freya.

They spoke for a short while, the girl obviously being uneasy, and after she had left, Tepic realised he would have to set down some of the things she had told him, as he needed to let Miss Book know what was happening.

Reaching into one of the crates, he drew out some old sheets of paper and a pencil, and began to write…..

Dear Miss Book,

The nice vixen came an saw me today, she is called Freya.
She had a message from Beryl, an i got some stuff to do, oh yes, do you have any of that perfume stuff going spare, could use some if you do, if not, don’t worry, i’s going to ask down the Blue Sparrow.
Beryl isn’t being held captive, or not just yet anyhow, but Freya didn’t tell me where Beryl was, nor why i’ve got to do the stuff i been asked to do.
She were confused cus i believed her when she told me the message, cus she might have been telling a lie, and she is a fox, so course she could have been telling a lie, but she weren’t so that were alright.
The Bear Gang have caught Lilith and Leon. They is giving Lilith the stuff that makes them daft, so when we get her back she will be one of them till she gets cured again.
Freya said the bear is going to knock Leon off once his boss tells him to, so we got to do something quick.
Oh…. Freya has run away from the gang, and Lucas were pretending to be worried about her, but it were an act and he were a bully so she ran away, but she’s running out of medicine so has to go back or die. She can’t have the medicine the cat has, cus it’s not hers, so that don’t help. If the docs can make some it might help out.
If you get near the bear, best to use that bullet, or get your blokes to make some more so you all got some. Bears is dangerous, you don’t want to mess with em.
Hope this makes everything clear, ain’t easy to keep it all straight.

Yours sincerely,
Tepic Harlequin
Fox of New Babbage

Satisfied with the letter, Tepic folded it up and called over Billy No-Toes to take it over to the hospital where Miss Book was staying. Tepic himself had some difficult  tasks to perform. The first was a visit to the Blue Sparrow, to liberate some of the vast quantities of perfume he knew the lasses there had, and the second was going to be very difficult indeed – trying to persuade some of his urchin friends to grind to powder the soap they had … found…..

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