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Mercurochrome Opera House

The Mercurochrome was built by Cleanslate & Co. as a commission for Miss LillieJay Mills. It was designed to serve as an indoor performance space for the City, and possibly the home of a live theater and music group that was rumored to be taking shape.

The Mercurochrome had a large lobby area, public seating on the ground floor and private boxes on the second floor, each of which had a private entry. There was also an extensive backstage area and a crypt with dressing rooms and space for a costume shop.

The stage area had a fully functional light and fly system, controlled by a panel above the private boxes. Ten spaces on the stage had distinct lighting support, in multiple colors, with fading and blackout capability. Footlights were available to light performers downstage. Curtains and flats could be flown in via the console, and the cyclorama could display ten different colors.

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