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Making preparations

Mr. Angkarn knew that his time was running out. Rather than risk putting New Babbage in any more jeopardy, he had locked himself in the interior of his airship. Being isolated from New Babbage meant that the effects of the Reality Enforcers had started to wear off. He could feel the creature starting to bubble to the surface. In addition, he had started to undergo another physical transformation, not unlike when his lower half became more horse-like, except it was bony protrusions from his shoulders. At the rate he was going, he only had a few days, if that.

He flipped the controls and pushed buttons on the console, lowering a strange looking device. He programmed the device to record only his brain patterns. Once he was satisfied with the settings, he lowered the bowl shaped device over his head and flipped one last switch. The device hummed and whirred, sparks shooting everywhere. A few minutes later, everything stopped. The ship’s lights dimmed and came back up. Mr. Angkarn removed the center of the device, which looked suspiciously like a pocket watch, and placed it on the console, with a note explaining what had happened. If the plan worked, the interior and exteriors should be realigning with normal time, and hopefully someone from the council would discover the box and learn what had happened to the Maestro. He opened the doors to the Zero Room, a room even more disconnected with the normal plane of this dimension. Orpheus looked around one final time and stepped inside. He did not see the doors open as the Tardis restored itself to its normal function. He did not hear the rush of air as a vortex appeared outside the Tardis. He did not see the man with the purple stained clothes walk into the main room just as the doors to the Zero Room sealed him in.

And the man in the purple stained clothes did not see his doppelganger finally succumb to the creature within as his transformation to the horse demon Equus was completed.

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