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Making a Start

It was not long before Tepic was back, Snotty Charlie and Billy No-Toes in tow.

“See? Got me name on it, so it’s mine!” he declaired proudly.

The other boys looked at each other as if they had been here before, then Charlie laboriously sounded out the name on the board.

“Blimy,” he said, “he’s right!”



The matter settled, the boys explored the vast space and the most fortunate dock behind…

Over the next few nights there was much activity as all the essentials were rafted in and slipped under the back edge of the tent. Crates of corned beef abandoned at the back of a warehouse, originally destined to feed a long forgotten military adventure, barrels of treakle and boxes of whisky left by the arctic explorers who go as far as the City before falling out wit each other and storming off to form their own rival, and doomed, expeditions, and other goods that had been overlooked.

An important instalation was the urchin still, which was soon bubbling away, clear liquid dripping from it’s tap. Tables, beds and makeshift seats soon had the place looking like home, and a useless waste of space had been turned into a productive enterprise by the urchins!


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