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Maestro’s Log: Time in the New World

18 March, 188~

It has been about two weeks since Captain Nemo took the Nautilus north to New England, where I have been told he had some business to take care of in Arkham. I myself have been spending time in Boston with my good friend Prof. Burrell. It is nice to be able to relax on dry land for once, however I have been troubled by more disturbing dreams. I see shapes and colors too horrific to describe, and I have the nagging impression that something evil lurks below the waves. It reminds me of something I saw long ago on a research trip, before I ever came to New Babbage. When I arrived in Boston, I sent word to have the Maestro’s antique clock taken out of storage at the New Babbage Lunar Base and shipped to me in Boston.

Speaking of things being shipped to me I have had the most peculiar deliveries. Every day I receive one or two crates shipped to Prof. Burrell’s residence. I have not told anyone where I was staying in Boston. Also, when I examined the first couple crates I recognized the companies shipping them as locations I saw in my dream on the Nautilus; the dream where I thought I was travelling via “Portkey.” I have never been to these places for real, so why I am I receiving goods from them? And if I really have been there, was my dream for real? How did I arrive back on the sub then? So many questions to ponder. From what I understand though, the University in Arkham has done some interesting research into dreams and their hidden meanings. Perhaps I shall have to meet the captain in Arkham a little sooner than expected….

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