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Maestro’s Log: The Return Journey


Angkarn sat in the mess hall aboard the Nautilus. After the excitement he had
during the winter in New Babbage, he decided a trip was in order. While he
could have taken the Tardis anywhere, he decided to use a more “traditional”
means of transport. He had found a captain by the name of “Nemo” to take him to
New England in his submersible.

A. listened in as some of the crew members discussed the latest rumors. The
latest was that an unknown mercantile consortium had shipped out a series of
“Portkey” gears. Portkeys, if they existed, were objects which could
supposedly transport a person from one place to another. Of course, in New
Babbage, this idea would have been laughed at, as no one believed in magic.
Among the crew of the Nautilus however, there was more of a belief in magic.
And as it is said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable
from magic. The crewmembers spoke of a “hunt” where the hunters seek out these
portkeys to travel all over the steamlands. Mr. Angkarn theorized that these gears
have some tiny mechanism to cause a small shift in the aether, allowing a
traveler to pass from one place to another, much like the portals found in Clockhaven.
He went to speak to the captain, indicating he should like to investigate these


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