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Maestro’s Log: New beginnings

6 January, 188~

As I was walking through Clockhaven the other day, I happened to stop at the fountain to see the snowmen that have been built. I noticed something etched into the fountain itself.


After reading it myself, trying not to get too wet, I realized this was the clue that the painting had referred to! Although the beest has vanished and things have returned to normal (or at least normal for New Babbage) I decided I had to follow this lead myself.

I was lead to a spot just outside the city, where the lady Helen was buried. I dug around a little bit and found the scroll written by Sebastian, explaining what had occurred. I then took a moment to pay my respects to Helen.


It seems someone else has paid their respects as well. Quite literally in fact. There are coins laid out, and not the usual currency. It seems unlikely that someone should just drop coins like that, especially in such a remote location. I believe I shall make one last visit to the other places of interest. It also dawns on me that I have not seen the device where Moriarty was reborn from. I shall have to take a look.

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