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Maestro’s Log: 7 December, 188~

7 December, 188~

I have checked myself out of the clinic. I am not fully healed, but after hearing that the beest has escaped AGAIN (and appears to have help) I feel compelled to resume my investigation. I have picked up the trail with some additional clues about the order of Malkuth – who is apparently some ancient god. Reminds me of the stories of Cthulu and the Old Ones from back home.

Anyways, I have much to ponder. I have set up camp in a crypt that I found with Skyler Gant. It is getting too dark to do much more work; I am barely able to finish this entry. I am troubled. I cannot find any evidence of the Malkuth in this burial site, and I fear that I may have taken a wrong turn. I shall resume my investigation in the morning.

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