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Maestro’s Log: 3 December, 188~

3 December, 188~

Well, the VM needs some fine tuning. I just used it to jump away from that foul, loathsome creature at the old dig site, and rather than taking me straight to City Hall as I meant, I wound up on the train platform. It is night, and a newspaper I found shows I have actually jumped a few days into the future. I walked from the station to City Hall, although as it is the middle of the night, there is no one around to help operate this “translation engine” that was donated to the town or some such thing like that. At least the doors are unlocked, so I can get out of this brutal cold and hunker down for the night. I shall attempt to translate this paper in the morning. Then I shall try to warn the people about what I fear to be a second menace looming on the horizon.

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