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Maestro’s Log: 29 November, 188~

29 November, 188~


I have arrived in New Babbage via my borrowed Vortex Manipulator. I am assuming the identity of Orpheus Angkarn, the man whose journal I found before the zombie incident. I arrived at the site of the statue, and just as I had feared, it is broken open. I borrowed some papers from a satchel left lying there. I believe it to belong to the missing archaeologist. I figure once I figure out what is going on, I will come back in time and return the missing papers. No one will be any wiser.

Before I left to head to the library, I met an urchin out tinkering with the “beest trap.” I believe it was the one called “Gidget”….”Gadzooks”… “Gadget.” Something like that. I am not in with urchin culture yet. He told me of the beast that has been causing so much harm. Thankfully, no one has been killed yet. I only hope I am able to solve this soon, or perhaps find a way to help. While following the clues left in the professor’s notes I made my way to the library, where I borrowed an artifact from another dig site (add that to the list of things to return later) and then made my way to the dig site in Clockhaven. I am walking so as to not draw attention to myself. I think borrowing a page from my associate and hiding my true nature may be beneficial.

At the dig site, a rather upsetting episode occurred. No sooner had I entered the hidden tunnels underneath the city when a strange figure appeared. I have attached a photograph of it to my account. I must show someone later.


Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, this Vash creature confronts me, telling me it knows I am “not human” and that “the humans dug too deep.” I do not know what this means. I am concerned that this thing was able to recognise that I am not human. I decided to be upfront with it, so I admitted to being a timelord. It knew of us, and spoke of us being “a group of meddlers.” I tried to assure it that I was not one to meddle with time, thinking that perhaps it was guarding the dig site and I should gain its trust. Its only response was “That will yet be seen…”

After a little discussion I decided to return to the task at hand, and the Vash followed, leading me through the correct passageways. There are many turns here, and I shall have to explore further. At the end of the tunnel was a plaque covered in ancient writing I do not recognise. The both of us took a rubbing of the plaque.

It was then when I became very suspicious of the creature. It was asking about translating the text, which made it apparent that it was not guarding the secret of the cavern. I stalled for a bit while I powered up the Vortex Manipulator, and right before I was transported to one of the train platforms in town, I saw the creature vanish into the water. I do not know where it came from, or what its business was, but I fear that the beast creature is not the only danger that New Babbage is to be faced with. I must push farther into this mystery.

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