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Mad Hatter Tea Party


Finally, after settling down in New Babbage, we decided to open some sort of store. 

S&S Clockworks is officially opening their Teahouse on Friday the 15th.

From 6pm-7pm we will have a get together. Attend with a great or  silly hat and you may end up winning a gift that we made for the party. Also, we’re going to give away an item from our furniture store to one person. 


We will have some music playing by me, Strider. 

So come on in, relax, make friends and just have some fun =) We all deserve a break now and then! 

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 12, 2010

    /me whispers… make it event entry so its on the calendar

  2. Marion Questi Marion Questi October 13, 2010

    Oh, heavens! Mad Hatter Day (10/6) completely got by me this year. Shame on me. If RL permits I shall attend your party instead!

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