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Lovecraft RPG event

The HPL-RPG group is having a multisim mystery hunt event in the first two weeks of April (TBC). The premise is that the “Heart of Llao”, an ancient artifact unearthed at an archaeological dig in the Pacific Northwest, has been stolen from the Miskatonic University in Arkham. Each sim will have clues to help the investigators try and locate the artifact and its thief.

I’ve already spoken to a couple of people who expressed interest in last year’s event that we missed out on. If you would also like to contribute, whether building, scripting, perhaps as an *guide* (I was an investigator once, until I took a cultist to the knee) please contact me. We got a basic idea of what we’d like to be Babbage’s part of the adveture and hopefully that will tie in well to the overall plot.

So, contact me if you’re interested.

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