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Looking into Time itself….

As Orpheus watched the box, a sense of deja vu washing over him, something strange happened. Without warning, the doors opened in, as if pushed by an invisible force. Inside the box, a vast expanse of darkness seemed to go on forever. “Its full of stars!” gasped the boy, amazed and horrified at once. From the darkness came what looked like a tunnel through space, made from energy a color never before seen on this planet. Orpheus tried not to look, but the strangeness of it drew his gaze back. Orpheus felt as if he was gazing into something wonderful. Then, he began to see visions he didn’t understand. Horrible one eyed creatures in metal cannisters. Glowing cracks in walls. Gigantic tentacled creatures descending through the air. Horrified, he broke his gaze and ran off to tell someone, anyone, who would listen. When he dragged the Port Master and the men from the junkyard over, the blue box had vanished. 

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