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Loki’s Dark Secret

Loki felt his way down the sewer passage checking behind on occasion to make sure he was not being followed by friends for this was his dark shameful secret. A torch of flame lit the passage way causing the rats to scurry away as his bare feet sloshed through the sewage water.

Finally he came to a knocked through hole that lead into a small room fashioned from foundations of an old building built on top of by new buildings. Far away from society above ground this place was perfect for anyone wishing to distance themselves from the day to day dramas of New babbage life.

Upon entering the room Loki quickly glances its contents and relaxes as it appears empty. He uses the torch to light a candle perched on a brick then douses the torch.

“What time do you call this boy?” groans a voice from the dark corner of the room causing the boy to startle.

“i.. i’m sorry sir,” replies Loki “took me a while to give the others the slip’

“well then,” says the voice before a tall figure emerges from the dark shadows, “lets see what you have gathered for this day”

The tall man steps forward grabbing Loki by the left arm. His clothes once fine gentlemen’s clothes are now tattered, torn and stained by months down in the sewers. The gold broach no longer shiny but a dull resemblance to its former glory much like its owner. 

“Loaf of bread sir, and a pie'” replies the boy reaching for his bag. “There’s a new pie shop down on Abney way, took me a while to get the owner distracted before i could grab two…”

“Two?” grunts the man, “you said you had one pie”.

“Well i need to eat as well, so i thought….” 

Loki was cut off mid sentence as the man grabbed for his bag and opened it up for inspection.

“There is at least two pies, three loafs of bread and some apples in here,” says the man holding back anger, “Do you have any idea how hungry i get down here, hiding from them up there?

“i got you enough don’t i?'” pleads Loki, “i needs some of that there food for me and my friends”

A sudden loud smack echoes around the brick room and loki falls back against the wall in pain and with fear in his eyes. The man shakes his own slight pain from his hand.

“Look boy, i hope you are not getting smart with me?” shouts the man with clenched fists, “You are to do as you are told remember?”

Loki just just looks up as he rubs his now stinging red cheek. The Man pauses then turns to walk across the small room before sitting down on a makeshift bed. 

“Or would you like me to tell everyone your great secret?, he says as he lays out the contents of Lokis bag beside him.

Loki Looks down as if ashamed.

“That all the suffering and destruction of the past few years was all because of you,” continued the man, “Oh there are those who already know and already despise you boy, but oh how awful if the truth were to be presented to the rest of the people of New Babbage.”

Loki turns towards the hole to the sewer passage unable to look at the man.

“Can you imagine how your friends would feel, discovering that you are not the friend you pretend you are?,” The man chuckles to himself amused at how easy it is to torment the child. “you better step up your work boy, i need money or items i can sell for money’

Loki steps out into the sewer with head tilt to the side as he takes note of his instructions. He wants nothing more than to be forever away from this man but the risk of his secret getting out is far to great and again and again he finds himself back taking new instruction.

“And you can start by giving me the next wages you make for working for that Briggs fellow,” Shouts the man through the hole in the sewer wall as Loki starts to wade his way back to the surface. “Face it boy, your penance is to serve me, or by god i shall destroy your world as you almost did for everyone in this city!

Loki looks up to check the sewer tunnel is clear, with tears in his eyes and soft sobbing he ventures back to the streets of society.

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