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Little Black Book: Back to Business

What in the tarry hells has Emerson done to my bar? The taps were dry, the bar and tables were sticky masses, and the floor is filthy! What happened to the new guy? How dare Kaylee let it get this way! I would never let this happen to her bakery!  

The drawer, of course, is empty. What did he do, pocket everything the customers gave him for their drinks? He is going to ruin us!

I closed for the morning and got to work cleaning.  After a few hours I got it presentable enough to open for lunch, but I needed to take a trip to the baths instead to get the stench of the caverns off of me. I returned feeling very civilized and tended bar for the dinner crowd. I will have to take one more trip this week to really soak off the smell. By the time the evening drinkers came in I was nearly finished and polishing the brass on the taps. I must say I never thought I would miss my regulars, but it was good to see them again, and they seemed happy to see me. Well, most of them. The usual cheapskates wanted to keep Emerson behind the bar, so I know he wasn’t charging full prices. Doesn’t he have ANY business sense at all?

Before I left Dunsany I went back to the storeroom I had excavated and took as many of the bottles I could carry, a couple of each different shape. We opened a few, they had all turned to vinegar, of course, so Kaylee took them for the kitchen and was happy for them. The squat bottle with the wax seal I did not open, I will save that to sell to a collector. I wanted to bring up some of what was in the casks too but the keyhole was still intact and there were no tools to open it with. They smell of liquor. Next time I will bring a tap with me from the bar.

So it has been a very busy couple of days, but now that things are cleaned up and I have spent the evening putting the books in order, I have some time to myself. Tobias has not been here. When I go back with the tap I will have to be quick so Thomas will not know I was there.

I need to know what this letter says. I dared not open it until I returned here because I assume they watch me when I am at my house. I’ll go bring up a teakettle from the kitchen, that and a sharp penknife should be all that I need.


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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 11, 2015

    Squire, need I remind you that I am not just a knight, but a double knight. As such, it is not my job
    to serve beer or clean up sticky messes. I drink beer and make sticky messes.

    Besides, I figured we were flush, seeing as how you felt you could extend
    your little holiday vacation an extra two weeks. 


    • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon January 17, 2015

      Now the power station has reopened the workers are poping into the Gangplank again, although they are a bit moapy that their extended holiday to Aquila III is over. Maybe a nice pint will cheer them up a bit. *nods*

  2. Martin Malus Martin Malus January 16, 2015

    After reading Thomas’ letter to Tobias, I knew I had to be careful not to let him find me in the caverns, but I had to get a sample of what was in those casks! I packed two barrel taps and a mallet with some clean sealing bottles with gaskets for the samples.

    There is no night or day underground. I wonder do they keep to a “day” at all? I was as quiet as I could be, but the noise of the mallet working the tap into to first cask must have carried. I was filling my last bottle when Leviticus came. He asked for Tobias, I said he was away when I had returned, and that he had left a note that he had gone to try and find his old family farm out in the Dairy. That seemed to satisfy him, but he looked pensive. I asked if he thought Thomas was a good leader. He said nothing, but seemed to want to. I asked him to say that he had not seen me. I don’t know that he will, but it is a try. I got out of there as fast as I could. He seemed to have been alone this time.

    Well, here’s the good news. It was whiskey in the casks! I only tapped one as they all had the same markings. We set up some glasses and poured out a round for everyone. Smooth! So smooth! And the flavors are so rich! I set up another round and then set up a round the Chivas to compare side by side, everyone agreed that the new spirit was superior.

    I took the rest to the liquor broker, very excited, and asked that he appraise it. He thought it was some kind of homebrew until I poured it for him. He took a sniff, his eyebrows must have gone clear up to his hairline! He just stood there, rolling the stuff around in his mouth for like five whole minutes, then he pressed me as to where I had acquired it. Too good for a backroom still, ha!  I said we had opened up a wall in the  back room of the Gangplank that looked like it had an old doorway that had been bricked up, hoping to find room for a new storeroom, and it had been in there. I did not say how much. He was impressed, and told me some of the history of the building, I did not know it had gone back so far! He isn’t sure how old it is, but he said well over 50 years,maybe even 100 years old!

    100 year old whiskey! He said most the barrels must have been well aged, as the spirits had not be ruined by too much absorption of the wood flavors. He asked if there was more, like, he seemed very very interested in cutting some sort of deal if there was, but I did not tell him. Score!

    I will go back again with more bottles. The casks are too heavy to carry and the terrain too rough to roll them out. Maybe I can move them closer so the trip will be shorter. I need a helper, one I can trust not to disclose the location.

    Why couldn’t Tobias be here to help me?


  3. Martin Malus Martin Malus January 20, 2015

    The bottles and labels are ordered, soon we will be the sole source of the finest aged whiskey in New Babbage! Prince Thomas’ Reserve! And it’s locally produced, that will appeal to us natives. What has Scotland got that we don’t? NO FOREIGN WHISKEY!

    Emerson wants a special edition decanted into extra fancy bottles, but they are so expensive that would eat up all our profit. Maybe I can score some captain’s bottles somewhere, I will keep looking. He’s right, all we would have to do is add a little honey to smooth it out and maybe a little soot for color, then funnel it into the fancy bottles and jack the price even higher. What could possibly go wrong?

    Well, I know exactly what could go wrong. That letter. Thomas has plans. I don’t like at all what he wants Tobias to do, and I can only stall him so long about the fact that I have no idea where Tobias is. If I can’t get what’s in those casks up to the surface this whole plan is a bust. Mortimer could help me move the casks if I came upon him alone, but he is always with Leviticus. Leviticus watches me. What does he really think about Thomas? What do any of them? Could they be turned? That must be what Thomas fears otherwise he would not have sent them with their ears sealed. Divide and conquer, that is it. I must talk to them each. Alone. They have been isolated so long they have forgotten they have option. I can do this, it is just a matter of finding opportunities.



    -Violence. Preparation.

    • Close quarters, sword is useless.
    • -?Obtain firearm
    • ==>>??Join Militia 
    • -?Boxing?
    • Out of practice. See Lapis. Rearrange staff schedule to make time.


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