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Leviticus’ Prophecy

Leviticus has dreamt deeply. He told me we were together, under a blue sky, in a forest of great trees. Larger than any which grew in the city. I have few memories of the surface, and have only read of forests in Father’s library. Leviticus says he saw us hunting together, and the great slugs were moving through the forest. We came on one, and cut deeply from it as it passed. The we gathered wood and roasted the meat over a large fire, not a meager oil flame, and ate our fill. Would that I could see what he has seen! The surface is a place of wonders and enchantment, but Thomas says we must reopen the old passages to the lower levels, that it is not yet our time to take our place above.


I know the sky is not blue, it was not as the books told when we went to the surface, but Leviticus is never wrong in his dreams. The king slugs will return, that is the meaning of this vision of Arcadia! Our hunger will soon be over!

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