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Letters to Lily: Missive #1

Lily Hassett
Rte. 23
Village of Nonesuch, Namhae

My dear sister Lily,

I’m pleased to inform you that I arrived in New Babbage without incident. I entered the city from the north by rail and, in my eagerness, disembarked too soon. Finding myself on foot, I passed through what appeared to be a thorny neighborhood before finding my way to civilization. I must admit that in spite of myself I was unnerved, but I put on a confident swagger and strode as if I knew where I was going.  I may be older, but by the Builder, I’m bolder as well.

After wandering with my bag for what seemed an eternity, and as luck would have it without encountering any criminal element, I came upon the City Hall.  Within its walls I found maps, directories and rules that set my mind at ease. Though the place appears rough, it is most assuredly not without some semblance of order.

Oh, Lily! You’d not believe the magnitude of this place! When I left so many years ago it was but a small town, barely a crossroads with dreams of greatness.  I return to find a magnificent, thriving city in which I barely can gain a bearing!  I wish so much that you could join me here, not only for your delightful company but so you could experience the same wonders.  The same sights and smells that both entrance and offend, the same sounds of progress. It would undoubtedly fuel your imagination and writings for many years.

You were correct in advising me to return. It is quite likely the tonic I’ve been needing to revive a flagging spirit.  The energy here enthralls; the place is in perpetual motion. As I was closing up the house in Kittiwickshire I could barely contain my excitement, which is now vindicated.

In spite of my happiness to return, I must report some unfortunate news.  There was a great fire not long after my departure so long ago, and everything I left behind was destroyed. Oddly, I find that my joy is not lessened. I arrived with determination to make a new start, and it seems but a small obstacle. Thus homeless, I’ve rented a room in Port Babbage. It is in a tavern, but before you faint away, accept my assurance that the proprietor is reputable. It is a charming enough place (stains on the sitting room chaise notwithstanding) and I am comfortable here.

By the by, I do hope that Chester is recovering, for your sake. Such a tragic way to end a hunting expedition. At risk of sounding dreadful, I must say that such a deformity may gradually lessen his pomposity.

Please give my love to the children, and kindly inform them that their Auntie will send along some baubles soon.

All of my great love and affection,

Your sister,


P.S. You may post a letter to me at the following address:

Ms. Juniper Ginsburg
c/o Porthead Tavern
Port Babbage
City of New Babbage

P.S.S. At your gentle request, I’ve begun work on a new painting. From my window I have a view of the port (when the air is clear), and it has already inspired me to undertake new work. I’m eager to have it complete, and will ship it at as soon as is practical.

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  1. Giles Berithos Giles Berithos June 9, 2011

    A hearty welcome back, madam.  I do hope you consider opening up shop again.  I had several of Intolerable’s items back in my younger days.

    • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg June 10, 2011

      Thank you, doctor!  That’s very kind.

      And I look forward to visiting your new smoking club!

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