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Letters to Doctor S, Part VII. Outcomes and Hopes.

Dear Thaddeus,

     Yes, he used the ancient prayer. And I must tell you, at least one of the places’ owners was less than thrilled about his establishment being used for such things…I knew I liked Mr Underby for some reason. He threw Metier out almost immediately…But back to the point. No. I don’t think he expected to live… because… well… He hasn’t. I’ve heard from a friend that he’s no longer among the living and it’s more than likely better that way. I don’t know if my husband had anything to do with it, but I know he’s gone. So at least I have one thing to breathe easily about. After our sub exploded, there really was no place to run to and nothing to run in. Plus, I was growing claustrophobic in the hospital… Thankfully Kristos was more than happy to escort me where I liked, as an added protection.
     Mr Harvey and Arnold have both mended fairly well for the injuries they recieved. Mr Harvey says his is down to a dull ache and being as busy as I’ve become lately, it’s difficult for me to see anyone except my…my husband. That word still rings odd in my ears when I say it, Thad. But he’s beginning to grow on me. I don’t know if that’s a good thing for me, but he hasn’t shown me that he’s gunning to harm me mentally…. He seems to want to keep me for now, so I suppose that we shall see. Perhaps if we still like each other enough, we may have a proper ceremony. Same contract, of course, but this one would be proper. Not rushed. And not because a madman’s after me. Because we’d want to. But that takes planning and we’re not set on the idea just yet anyway. I promise, we will send for you when we cement everything. I want to see you just as much as you wish to see Arnold and me, Thad. We miss you quite a bit. And I think it would do you good to explore Babbage with us for a while.
     So far, we’ve been working out details about each other that every married couple should know… I’ve told him some things about Tim and I’m working up to telling him what he wants to know. I’ll even be teaching him French occasionally, because I’ve become mannered and I sometimes lose my train of thought in English and let the French slip out. As far as I can see, he considers it cute.
*Maddox blushes a bit and shakes her head* I suppose if this lasts, I will get more and more used to the idea… And perhaps more work done, now that all of this has gone down. I spoke to Arnold briefly and he mentioned working on things. What things, I don’t know, but with Arnold, it could be anything. So, basically, I wanted to tell you that there’s nothing more to worry on from me so far. I’m married, I’m relatively okay with it, we’re getting along fine and things seem to be stabilizing as well as possible. I might just get my level head back, Thaddeus. It may just happen, even though I didn’t think I would… I’m just very glad the whole feud is over and I’m no longer scratching to keep breathing. Now I can focus on my work and the studies I want to conduct. I’m sure my husband will share in these endeavors, as he says I intrigue him… Is it wrong to feel good that he thinks so?

                                                                                                                 Forever your student,

p.s. Perhaps Julia and Peter can take your classes for a while… Are you eating correctly? Make sure to tell them I send my love and don’t forget to give Nietzsche and Jung scratches for me.


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