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Letters to Doctor S, Part IX. Relief and New Hopes.

Dearest Father,

     The past few months have been hard for me. I have learned things about myself and Arnold that I didn’t think was possible. The things that have happened have made me think and wonder. Father, is there anything about my family that I should know? Anything that perhaps you can enlighten me upon? Until I recieve your next letter, I will go about my lessons and life the way I have been. With great zeal for learning, the one I thought that I had lost when I was no longer a child.
     Though I must tell you, Father… In the past few months, I have been frightened near to death and dragged through untold worries, all in the name of life and limb. Not mine, but Arnold’s. I feared for him, andI begged him not to leave me and Helio. And you know, oddly enough, it worked! I fussed at him and he came to us… and when all was explained, I felt more confused. I needed to stay as close to him as I could and I did so. Now he has me worried that if I am away from him for even a day or two that the same thing will happen. I don’t want Helio to think that I am drawing away from him, far from it. In fact, he and I have been drawing closer to him.
     We’re getting married again. A formal ceremony, nothing rushed. And as I mentioned, I will go with my husband to fetch you myself. There is no way that you will miss this occasion. I want you with us to share in our happiness. Perhaps soon there will be more happiness to share. Perhaps you will even consent to live with us, Father. (Not to say that New Babbage air would be especially bracing for you, Thad, but seeing the city would do you good.) I just cannot wait for you to see us together and see how wonderful he is… How powerful my husband can be, as well as how gentle. He is so loving to me, Father… I have no doubt that you will like him. Perhaps even call him son.
     I miss you, Father. Though you are not my blood, you have been a better father to me than my own. And I have never gotten to properly thank you for such treatment. You did not have to treat me as your own. You did not have to take me in and show me how to be a proper lady. You did not have to do everything for Arnold and me that you did for us, and I can never thank you enough. I have no doubt that we will see you soon.

                                                                                                                           All of my love,

p.s. If you need a new suit, do not hesitate to write me. I will see to procuring one for you, as well as a place to stay.

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