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Letters to Doctor S, Part III. Grievances and Assurances.

Dear Thaddeus,

     I know that you don’t approve of my tone and language. You never did, before

you started to teach me how a lady speaks, and acts and all the rest of the

things an educated woman should and should not do. This snake has drawn my ire

and it’s not my concern as to whether or not anyone likes it (no offence meant,

Thaddeus, as I regard you as my second father but the idea is the same.) There

is nothing that will fix my anger on this situation until either Henri or I am

dead. Final as it sounds, that is the way of things and I am not apt to change

my mind on that at all. And as for the feud, I remember what it is for. It

would never have gotten out of hand had his family kept their noses out of our

business and lives. They fired the first shot; we simply continued to follow

with our own throughout the years. And being as how it seems that Henri has

never bothered to become a man and marry to carry on his hateful line, the feud

will die with him. Or with me, such as the case may turn out to be. You’ve

always taught me more of right from not so acceptable. And I give you credit

for such teachings, as well as taking my education to its peak. However, in

this case and respect, I would have let sleeping dogs lie had he just died like

his family of vermin was wont to do. Face down in a vat of their own

distilling, drowned like the drunken bastards they are.

     That being said, I will speak to Arnold

as soon as possible then. To fill him in on what I am going to do and have him

help me to make my plans. He is a cunning one, Arnold is. He’s very crafty when

he sets his brilliance to something and I have no doubt that this will not be

any different. I can’t say it surprises me much to find out about his court

appearances, being that when he’s of a mind and angered, death wouldn’t be too

far from his mind. His claws may yet have more use than he intended for them to

have, but just as sure as I am about that I have no doubt that he won’t mind

helping me clean up house just this once. If we play our cards right, he won’t

tarnish his record of his appearances ending in claims of self-defense. I have

just the idea that he will find to his liking and more than likely, we will not

need outside help to accomplish it. The bastard may cheat like his family, but I

would much rather use the resources I have gathered myself as a means to my

end. The fact that I have at least one more ally than he will is going to make

the difference, I can assure you. No need to worry about my methods, Thaddeus.

This will be simple, easy, and clean if all goes well.

     The fact that he is travelling so slowly simply means that the few months

he’s at sea will give Arnold and I all the time in the world to plan and pool

what we have to combat and neutralize him in a timely and efficient manner.

When he finally comes to do what he thinks he will do, Arnold and I will have a

trap laid out that will assuredly end the way I know it will end. Someone will

be fine, someone will be injured and someone will die. I can tell how sure I am

of who will be who, but for now I will leave it at that. And the fact that

Babbage is a remote location simply adds to the fact that since no one will

know him from anyone else, (and he will more than likely sneak into port to off

me “quicker”) that will assure that our job will be silent, deadly

and more than likely blamed on Babbage’s luck as a city. When this goes off the

way I know it will, I will have just one more reason to love this place.

     I am glad that you are not in any more danger. I have lost one father; I

couldn’t bear to lose another. I miss you Thaddeus and if it were not so

difficult for you to travel, I would ask you to visit as soon as possible. The

one detail about Arnold

that did throw me off a bit was that he just offered to come with me with no

prior guidance from you. I will ask him very soon as to his reasoning why. And

yes, I know haven’t shared much with him before now. I would venture to say it

was because we were simply classmates before. We’ve weathered a bit more

personal things now, so I can say that I know with absolute surety that he

won’t go running off to the first person he sees to let loose his lips. He is a

private enough being that I can begin to divulge everything to him (naturally

the first session will be for our current issue.) As for speaking to the future

Mrs Quack, I won’t even be near the harpy if I can help it. She’s a rotten

woman and I wish that she’d stay as far from us as possible, but unfortunately,

Arnold’s luck assures me that we’ll see her quite a bit with her new bruised

plum. I will continue to speak to Mrs Pearse, and will consider speaking to my

employer about my personal issues. Thank you for the advice on that. It simply

assures that I will speak to someone when I need it.


Your student,



   P.s. – As for the flying pigs, there are enough dirigible vehicles out here

to start a flying pig revolution. I have a feeling that you would love to

sight-see here, if not just for that alone.

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