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Leaving for Home: Orpheus returns to New Babbage

The Maestro sat at his desk, staring at a stack of blank paper. His research in Arkham was not producing any results. He had never felt so frustrated. It was time for him to leave. Perhaps the stories were just that… Stories.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud alarm. The time scanners showed an elevated amount of chroniton particles. The Maestro checked the screens as the computer attempted to lock on. After a few minutes of watching the flashing lights trace across an image of the planet, he starred in sheer horror as they found the source of the chroniton emissions.

“What is it with New Babbage and the super wierd?” he said out loud. Something was causing a build up of time particles, and if it wasn’t corrected, New Babbage could be ripped from the time stream. Or worse. The Maestro pushed a few buttons and prepared for takeoff.

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