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Laying The Plans – Part 1

Mornington was at his usual spot for an afternoon, lazing around in his hotel with his hooves up on the table smoking a fine cigar and cringing at the awfull coffee that he was now being supplied with from Blackberrys Cocoajava.

It was a little past 2pm when he heard the familliar groan and whine coming from behind him.  The infamous Brunel Hall Chinese Cabinet had appeared.  A tired looking slightly pale Cardinal Patrice stepped out and nodded to Mornington.  He held over a sealed envelope…

“Whats this?”

“The final location of the source”

Mornington tore open the envelope and cringed when he looked at the co-ordinates.  He was right…the source of the plague problem which had beset New Babbage was contained under the ground of Academy of Industry, the plague virus which spread out from the Dinosaur Museum only triggered the latent problem which was down below…deep in the remains of the old city…the first city, the one which burned down.

Patrice looked at Mornington…”You are on your own now…the timelords cannot meddle in the affairs of a time locked city”

Mornington looked back at Patrice with a toothy grin…”Technically i’m not a timelord”

Patrice looked at Mornington with a slight flash of anger in his eyes…

“Be it on your own head Mornington…”

With that, the old Cardinal vanished into the Chinese Cabinet…and the Cabinet slowly wheezed and groaned its way out of existance.

The next day Mornington called over Urchin Bill and held him a silver penny.  Bill looked up at Mornington and grinned.

“D’ya wants me to digs up more rumours for ya’s Mista Goat Legs?”

Mornington chuckled…

“No Bill…i want you to tell your friends to keep an eye on…Mr Underby.  I want to know his every move.  More especially i want to know when he leaves the Clockwinders tower office.”

“What’s for Mista M?”

“Cause i want to plant a fake builder permit…signed by Underby, allowing me to blast a hole into builder square in Academy of Industry this october using about 5 short tonnes of dynamite…”

The urchin looked at Morninton wide eyed…

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  1. Mr Underby Mr Underby July 15, 2011

    Underby had finished his paperwork for the evening a little earlier than usual, locked up the filing cabinets with their new locks, grabbed his hat and coat, exited the offices.  Looking over both his shoulders, he locked the office and left the building.  

    He hummed ‘Greensleeves” as he walked… 

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon July 15, 2011

    Avariel Falcon sent a signal to the door and lock maintenance clockwork…

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