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Late night heist … Maybe. Finale

Now that she had passed the receptionist she saw two doors and another set of double doors. She began the search by opening the door on the right hoping the new door was well oiled.  Recognizing some of the equipment, she knew this was an operating room.


Azura was thankful she waited so late in the night to come on this adventure or the room may have been in use. She closed the door and turned to the other.  Slipping into the room she looked around and grinned successfully. “Jackpot”.


Azura searched quickly through the storage room, opening drawers and doors.  She tried not to make too much noise or a mess in her haste. Finding several jars full of what looked like spider webs to her, she picked them up and slipped them into her backpack. Looking around to make sure all the little drawers she had opened were closed and appeared normal, she pulled open the door and peeked out into the hallway. Not seeing anyone she moved out and through the set of double doors leading to stairs and quickly ascended.


On the second floor were two sets of double doors, she moved to the nearest and peeked inside.  There was a short hallway with three doors. Two of the doors had official looking letters on them, which she figured must be offices. She turned and moved to the opposite set of double doors and peeked inside, her letter ready if needed.

Not seeing anyone in the hallway, Azura walked through the doors and began to look around. She opened a door and saw laying on bed inside the room one of the boys which might have been encased in the spider’s webs. Deciding not to disturb him she closes the door and moves to the next.


Not finding any further signs of spiders or spider webs, she leaned against the wall at the end of the hallway and pulled out her pipe. She didn’t light it, just holding it out of habit while she chewed thoughtfully on the stem. With a soft sigh she checked the last door even though the sign didn’t have as many letters on it or a number. She almost dropped her pipe when she saw a bed with wheels with a large web covered cocoon thing on top.


Slipping inside she removed the backpack and began to strip out of the customary urchin clothing to reveal the diving suit underneath. She opened the backpack and put on the rest of the gear. She quickly made sure that the thick diving gloves were tightened securely and that none of her skin was showing. Azura decided she should finish this job as quickly as possible and get out of here before the nurse downstairs began to wonder where the message carrier had gone.


Azura flicked on the light attached to the helmet and made sure not to move close to the poor soul trapped in the spider’s webbing.  Instead she searched for whatever small buckets or jars the doctors may have discarded the webbing into. She found several more samples and jubilantly pulled out several small mason jars and began to collect all of the webbing she could find. After several minutes all of the webbing that wasn’t on the cocooned body had been collected and stored into the jars and sealed and placed into the backpack. ….


Azura scanned the room one last time to make sure the only webbing left in the room was the cocoon on the bed. As carefully as possible began to remove the diving gear.  Cautiously ensuring the webbing that was left on her gloves didn’t touch her skin. She suddenly realized that she didn’t bring anything to put the gloves into other than her backpack.  That would be dangerous. She looked around the room and stole a pillow case and dropped the gloves into it and closed her backpack.  She shifted at the extra weight and made her way back out.


Azura made her way back to the stairs and was about to descend when she looked over to the other set of doors. She shrugged slightly and decided to check that area as well just to be sure.


She entered the double doors and approached the offices. She peeked into the office on the right first, opening the door with a gentle push. She paused as she heard movement inside the third door at the end of the short hallway. The door opened to reveal a white bunny in what Azura guessed was some sort of official uniform.  Azura did not have time to study that however because her attention was on the wicked looking dagger in her paw.


“Bugger!!” Azura turned and pushed through the double doors leading to the stairs and ran down.  The rabbit chased her shouting and not far behind.  Azura was encumbered and wouldn’t be able to outrun the lapine or the staff she was rousing with her shouts. She could hear doors being thrown open as the staff began to search for the disturbance.  Azura ran to the nearest window at the stair base, the rabbit hot on her heels, and hoped that it wasn’t locked. To her amazement the window opened and she tossed her backpack out first and then followed swiftly through just as someone had made a grab for her boot.Azura crashed into the wall around Lady Moldylocks bar.  She could hear the staff making their way towards the exits, while the white bunny looked to be about to jump out the window herself.  

Azura turned right and down the small alleyway to cut in front of the bar ahead of the staff.  A quick peek behind her proved the lapine had jumped and was pursuing her knife in paw. Azura ran toward the asylum and the canal and jumped over the railing onto the frozen canal below.  The pursuers, including one very frustrated bunny, stopped where she had jumped not daring the same route.  Azura quickly made her way into the sewers and disappears into the darkness ….

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