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Late night heist … Busted! Part 2.

Late night heist … Busted! Part 2.

Edward Hyde: walks closer and snatches one of the bottles off the floor.

Azura Loring: picks up the small vials in front of her and slips them into a pocket

Azura Loring: ‘Ey now, dat awl me could get me ‘ands on

Edward Hyde: So you think that means you can try to break into the hospital like you did the other night?!

Azura Loring: Dat weren’t me! Honest!

Edward Hyde: That’s what they all say!

Azura Loring: smiles as sweetly as possible and shrugs

Edward Hyde: Kasa told most everyone at the hospital she had to chase down a little runt carrying bottles like these.

Azura Loring: Mason jars, very common tings

Edward Hyde: Mason jars filled with deadly cobewbs?

Azura Loring: Dey were gonna do bad tings with ’em.

Edward Hyde: … Really?

Azura Loring: nods

Azura Loring: Dat wot Tepic say, aye.

Azura Loring: picks up the remaining jar and slips it under the apron

Edward Hyde: I happen to know for a fact the only reason Jekyll had them around was to work out what was in em. You know. For an antidote against such things?!

Azura Loring: Dat may be so, but if’n ‘im figure it out dat mean sumbody else will knows. Da more people dat knows da more danger we all are in.

Edward Hyde: facepalms…

Edward Hyde: Seriously kid?!

Azura Loring: You know about da cloud angels?

Edward Hyde: … Beryl mentioned them.

Azura Loring: sighs softly and flicks off the light mounted on her shoulder. “Ta make long story short. Dey were a power source fer da old empire dat were ‘ere.”

Edward Hyde: Hm.

Azura Loring: Dey volen .. dey did it on der own to be helpful ta folk

Azura Loring: Den one day dis one doctor got an idea.

Azura Loring: He kill one and make an explosion the likes da world hab never seen

Edward Hyde: Then they were taken for granted, got pissed off, and left?

Azura Loring: No, they attacked.

Azura Loring: They were the reason da entire city and da old empire were destroyed.

Edward Hyde: Hm…

Azura Loring: It seem dese spiders were made to catch them again

Edward Hyde: Like I said, Beryl mentioned the angels.

Azura Loring: Beryl knows lots, aye.

Azura Loring: Da las’ time da angels got mad they ended an empire. They can do it again.

Edward Hyde: But for the life of me, I cannot imagine anyone at the hospital who would care for using the webs to catch “Cloud angels.”

Azura Loring: The hospital, maybe not, but knowledge be power, and der no such thing as secret which las’ to long

Edward Hyde: frowns.

Edward Hyde: And you think it’s safe with you?

Azura Loring: So belive it ‘er nawt, a buncha kids are tryin’ ta save da entire city.

Azura Loring: Wif me? aye, they are. I only has one interest in the dang things. To stop Creaky Gloom.

Edward Hyde: … Well then.

Edward Hyde: If you honestly think it will work…

Azura Loring: Dat jus’ it. I don’t know. And my original plan be gone since we promise Tepic ta destroy da webs in da cave

Edward Hyde: Hmph.

Azura Loring: Me were gonna try make like a gun ta shoot da web out of, but now, der nawt enough

Edward Hyde: … Think’s there’s enough for a net?

Azura Loring: shakes head. “If’n me figure it right, there enough fer maybe a place mat

Azura Loring: Me nawt can read, but can does da numbers

Edward Hyde: I’m pretty sure you can beg Moldy to teach you to read. She seems to like you a lot.

Azura Loring: Aye, she do. Me save ‘er lawt o’ headache from time ta time

Edward Hyde: There you go.

Azura Loring: pulls one of the small vials out of her pocket. “I figure der enough web ta fill 10, maybe a dozen o’ these. But ta be honest, the way ta use them, ya might not survive

Edward Hyde: Keep brainstorming, kid…

Azura Loring: Me try, but wifout da others, me more or less on me own ta take on a monster dat everyone else thinks should play music fer.

Azura Loring: Me nawt want da ting ta dance, me wan’ it ta be as scared of us as were are of it.

Edward Hyde: I don’t know, in this town there are people with motives even stranger than you can dream.

Azura Loring: Dat kinda why Tepic an da others nawt trust them.

Edward Hyde: Fair enough.

Edward Hyde: Oh, and if I find you’ve been stealing stuff from he hospital again… I’ll choke you to death and send your body to the autopsy table!

Azura Loring: Me nawt steal anything! Me tactically acquired a weapon of mass destruction

Edward Hyde: It’s technically stealing, you pint sized git!

Azura Loring: See Tepic were goin’ on an on about some guy name Gadget. Him ascared if’n people knew wot da webs were actually made for …

Edward Hyde: Gadget?

Azura Loring: I dun know, it just a name ‘im kept sayin. Da others kinda paled at the name

Edward Hyde: Hmph.

Azura Loring: Jimmy an’ Myrtil knows fer sure

Edward Hyde: Brilliant, I’m going to have to spy on a bunch of kids or ask around… Again.

Edward Hyde: curses under his breath.

Azura Loring: You nawt only one. Me hafta do same ting since me new ta da city

Edward Hyde: Right.

Edward Hyde: You’re not the only one…

Azura Loring: See me knowed nuffin’ about Creaky Gloom till him show up at da trivia ting Moldy had.

Azura Loring: Den awl da sudden got angels an’ stone people an’ spiders

Edward Hyde: Stone people?

Azura Loring: Dat wot Tepic say in him rant about the spiders and da webs

Azura Loring: stone people.

Edward Hyde: People made of stone?

Azura Loring: sighs and shrugs slightly “Me wish me knew. It went kinda awl weird when tepic jump on da table and slam ‘im hook inta it an left

Edward Hyde: … Right then.

Azura Loring: Me mean any meetin’ of us is weird enough, but dat just .. wow

Azura Loring: sumthin about sharp sand from da stone things. Sum kinda weapon maybe

Edward Hyde: Okay… I guess I’ll leave you with your “tactically acquired weapons of mass destruction…”

Edward Hyde: But I mean it. Try to loot the hospital again, and you’re DEAD.

Azura Loring: smiles sweetly. “Me hab no reason ta go in der

Edward Hyde: growls. “You better not have one…”

Edward Hyde: Where’s the damned exit…?

Azura Loring: Besides, if’n dis werk. I’ll be a hero

Azura Loring: Dis way

Edward Hyde: Good for you!

Edward Hyde: Trick wall. Cute.

Azura Loring: smiles

Edward Hyde: Until we meet again, I guess?

Azura Loring: Aye. If’n der anything found out about da webs we dun know, let me know.

Edward Hyde: Got it.


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