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Late night heist … Busted! Part 1

Late night heist … Busted! Part 1.

After narrowly escaping the insane rabbit with the knife, Azura made her way through the sewers. She had founded a base down here for such delicate matters.


After she felt safe in her hideout, Azura donned a fresh pair of thick gloves and began to empty out her pack carefully. She tossed the gloves from the old suit into the fire and the rest back into a storage locker. She decided to stash the webbing for a short time until she decided the best thing to do with them.


Two days passed, while Azura waited nervously. When nobody came breaking down her door, Azura decided to continue with her plan. She donned a fresh pair of gloves and pulled out the mason jars of webbing. Pulling several smaller vials from her work apron, she opened them and placed them on the floor. Finally, she began to carefully transfer the web from the jar into the smaller vials using a pair of tweezers.


Several hours later, Azura sat with cramped hands, hungry, and a dozen sealed vials of webbing from just one mostly empty mason jar. She placed the jar into the fire to burn out what little remained of the webbing and it’s dangerous chemicals. Azura picked up the small vials and placed them into her apron pockets and sat down to begin the process once more when the dogs outside began to bark.

Edward Hyde: winds up making all the dogs upstairs bark like crazy as he shuffles through the snow, looking for the trap door.

Edward Hyde: slams the trap door shut.

Azura Loring: looks up to the ceiling hearing the faint sounds of dogs barking. Frowns slightly

Edward Hyde: shouts: Alright, you little brat! Where are you?!

Azura Loring: Wut?

Edward Hyde: scowls. “Didn’t I tell you to go ask LOKI about getting webs from him?!”

Azura Loring: We were gonna ask, but Tepic ..

Edward Hyde: What about him?

Azura Loring: Tepic got violent cuz ‘im knew more about da webs

Edward Hyde: …

Edward Hyde: Hm.

Edward Hyde: Did he tell you what he knew?

Azura Loring: Aye, ‘im did. Say Miss Avariel figured it out

Edward Hyde: … Ok, something I DON’T know.

Azura Loring: nods “Me nawt knows either. Tepic went on about cloud angels an’ such and that were nothing but bad news.

Azura Loring: Tepic say it awl in da library, but umm .. me nawt know ‘ow ta read.

Transcript Continued in part 2 …..

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