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Lab Notes Dec 22, ’14, 9am, Creator Les (aka Inventor Alchemi)

Yes, well, quite a day it has been as it seems I have managed to almost get lynched or at least thrown out of the city gates of New Babbage!  The short version of it is simply that I fell asleep during an Aether experiment which of course went horribly awry causing terror and fear in the hearts and minds of some of New Babbage’s most well known residents.  

In particular Miss Garnet Psaltry was somewhat upset by my unleasing of some 400 Aether Spirits on the realm whilst sleeping in the other world. Her arousal, however, was nothing compared to that of Jedburgh30 Dagger who gave me quite a talking to on the nature of my experiments, and worst of all Elizabeth Jarvinen who I believe is not talking to me at all at this time!  I do apologize ladies.    

However, we must all realize that progress must be made in the name of SCIENCE albeit under more controlled conditions next time.  According to Garnet and Jed, all future experiments must be phantom so that they do not end up pushing the residents all over creation as these Aether Spirits did.  Also falling asleep during experiments is strictly forbidden from this day forward throughout the lands of New Babbage.  If one tires, one must simply shut down all experiments.  

It seems that aside from pushing the residents around, the fact that the lifetime of the Aether spirits exceeded one hour and they appeared at a rate of every ten seconds on average was the reason that so many of them appeared and seemed to stay for good.  

Fortunately Avariel managed to befriend the Aether Spirits and she led them around the streets of the city like some space portal Pied Piper!  It seems that a tenant of Tosh’s hotel was quite offended by the intrusion so Tosh kindly made apologies in my place.  AND I TRULY DO APOLOGIZE FOR THE GREATEST TERRORIZING OF NEW BABBAGE THAT I PERSONALLY HAVE CAUSED…. YET!  

So there.  All’s well that ends well and a good write-up is a fitting end to any experiment.  I have patched up all the holes in the Aether Orb and it is on display in my smything area in my New Babbage workshop located here:  

Thank you and good day!  Creator Les!   

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery December 22, 2014

    I was only a bit annoyed when I arrived to find myself being pushed out of my hotel room by the strange fuzzy things.  After that it was a case of understanding the power and limitations of the experiment, which some of us discovered by various means of observation.

    I don’t believe I made any recommendations for future versions of these objects, though I know others did, and good ones they were.  I did recommend making notes, and I see you have done so quite thoroughly.  My one regret is that I did not see your experiment in small static form, as they would make pretty decorations.  Perhaps next year.

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