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Kraken Rum


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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman December 30, 2010

    Kraken Rum’s good stuff

  2. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh December 30, 2010

    The price is worth it just for the bottle alone.


  3. Ianthe Farshore Ianthe Farshore January 1, 2011

    If you like dark spiced rums, it’s very tasty. It’s been available where I live for a while.

  4. Elilka Sieyes Elilka Sieyes January 2, 2011

    I don’t even do alcohol, but that’s very cool :D

  5. Rip Wirefly Rip Wirefly January 2, 2011

    That stuff is good apparently, we can buy that at BevMo! out here. Friend and I bought it last time we made a trip there.  

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