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Kitten Rescue

Tap.. Tap… Tap.. the sound of Lilith’s walking stick could be heard as she and Freya were making their way towards Sonnerstien’s.  They needed more of their medications, though they were both more stable than they had been once. When they got closer to the old house both girls heard something faint, as Freya’s more sensitive nose started to twitch.

“Smell that sis?” She asked Lilith who nodded in agreement.  “Ya… smell and sounds like its coming from that box…” 

The girls moved over and Lilith knelt down to get a closer look, “Not… a clockwork squirrel trap… who the hell would make something like that…” She asks as she starts to open it, before getting knocked back by a blur of desperate black and white fur and claws.

It took a moment for Lilith to realize what was going on before finally wrapping her arms around the thing to get a better look. “A… Kitten…” She twitches sniffing a bit curiously at it before looking over to Freya, to get her thoughts “Umm guess it thinks we saved it. Though not sure.. As I don’t speak cat.”

Freya shook her head, “Neither do I.  What about Cyan or Beryl?” Lilith thinks a bit “well they might but I have not seen Beryl much lately… and I heard Cyan was in the hospital.” She says softly ears folding “How bout we take care of this lil guy till we know whats more going on and stuff” She says with a grin.

“I don’t know sis,”  Freya said a bit more reluctantly.  “Remember when Percy got a dog? They weren’t house broken.  We had to share a bed for a week or two.” 

Lilith twitched her tail at the memory, “I remember…but we have never had a pet….” She held up the cute tuxedo kitten for Fryea to se “HES SO CUTE look at those eyes”

Freya looked at the terrified kitten, which currently was digging its terrified claws into Lilith and holding on like it was afraid she’d let go, “Well it is adorable…and scared.” 

Lil considered this, “Well…we know what it’s like to be scared sis… we can keep it safe and warm.. Maybe have Kuga help teach it to be a cat” She says before busting up in giggles and gently holding the small kitten to herself to let it calm down

“Alright, but you have to explain this to our brothers!”  

Lil smirks “I will, and if all fails.. Can shift and give them the cute puppy eyes”

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