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Kaylee Faulkner’s Fine Arts Endeavor

Professor Valeska and his brash assistant, Pilipo Underwood, having perused the exhibits in the Paleolithic Museum, were walking behind said building, intent on more experiments on the properties of phlogiston that evening, when they happened upon an elegant wood and metal dispenser mounted on the wall just around the corner from the harbor. Above it a poster proclaimed “Kaylee’s Cards du Burlesque (Collect them all).”

“Well Mister U,” said the old man of maths, “it seems Mss Faulkner is providing a series of Cabinet Cards, very popular just after the War of the Rebellion. From the likeness she provides on the advertisement it seems she is presenting herself in a, well, a manner of classic art.”

“Yeah,” said the Texan.

“Ah, too bad you are from such a bucolic background, despite your studies at the University of Oxbridge, this is not really the sort of thing an engineer of chemistry would apprehend; in fact, I seem to recall you bragging to me that you avoided any Art Appreciation courses while you were there.”

“Yeah,” said the Texan.

“Despite my years I can apprize the gracile form she presents, the elegant pose she assumes, because we sought a comprehensive education in my day, not the hasty sprint to a rapid graduation pursed by you young folks these days. And you certainly cannot afford to purchase any of these, modest though they be priced, let alone collect the set as she suggests, since you need to be thrifty with the stipend I can afford you.”

“Yeah,” said the Texan.

“Well, we need to attempt another condensation. It will take a while and the day is going.”

“Alright, but I need to fix my boot lace…”

“Don’t dally.” said the Mentor as he turned down the alley. Underwood renegotiated the stringing on his ankle until the old man had navigated around the corner. Then Pilipo stood quickly, fished some coins from his pocket, slipped the resulting rectangular card-stock into his coat, and stepped off after his boss, whistling a little tune.


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  1. Elleon Bergamasco Elleon Bergamasco November 29, 2012

    Aha! Mr Underwood – a lover of fine art if I ever saw one! I’m betting by now he’s collected them all… or is trading with Victor to complete his collection.

    *slips a heavy envelope under her pillow for safe keeping*

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