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just a little touch of poison

Qismah sat sipping tea at a quay side table at babbage cabbage, when she saw some militia men carrying a stretcher with a prone Mr Eliot on it into the hospital across the canal, leaping to her hooves she ran across the bridge to find the hospital attendant arguing with one of the militia

“officer, the Doctor is out on a call, and i do not know when he might be back this man is seriously injured and should be seen to immediately, i sudjest you take him over to another facility”

Qismah stepped up and began examining the wound. the attendant turning to her”Qismah you know this man right?”

the Healer glanced up at the militia officer” sir i am a Doctor i’ll take care of him’ she turned to the attendant” take him to a surgery and prepare him, i need some things from my shop, i’ll return immediately”

two hours later the bullet from Eliot’s side lay in a bowl,and the toxins in the mixture of herbs in the plaster over his wound would keep him fevered and unconscious for days, time enough for her Mistress to return from her trip and sort all this out.amd if he should die before? well no great loss to Qismah, altough the Mistress would not be pleased

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