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June 2 – House Call

((Again, not enough time to write this up. Ah, well.))

[2014/06/02 16:42] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me knocks at the door
[2014/06/02 16:43] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me sets down her book and hurries to the door.
[2014/06/02 16:43] Hienrichs Residence: Bookworm Hienrichs is at the door.
[2014/06/02 16:43] Hienrichs Residence: Bookworm Hienrichs is at the door.
[2014/06/02 16:43] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Good afternoon, Ms, Book
[2014/06/02 16:43] Bookworm Hienrichs: Ahh, Dr. Sonnerstein! It’s good to see you.
[2014/06/02 16:43] Bookworm Hienrichs: Please, come in.
[2014/06/02 16:43] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Thank you
[2014/06/02 16:43] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): How is Ms. Rouse doing?
[2014/06/02 16:44] Bookworm Hienrichs: She’s upstairs resting. Would you like to see her?
[2014/06/02 16:44] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Yes, please.
[2014/06/02 16:45] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me leans in a little to check on her
[2014/06/02 16:46] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Can you hear me, Beatrix..?
[2014/06/02 16:46] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): /me opens her eye and looks up at the Dr.
[2014/06/02 16:47] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me smiles softly “Hello there. How are you feeling?”
[2014/06/02 16:47] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Did you lose your eye too?
[2014/06/02 16:47] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Oh…
[2014/06/02 16:47] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me chuckles softly “Before I was even born, dear.”
[2014/06/02 16:47] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): They tell me I lost mine.
[2014/06/02 16:47] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Hope I find it again.
[2014/06/02 16:47] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me nods “Yes, you did. Try not to worry, we’ll see if we can amend that when you’re feeling better.”
[2014/06/02 16:48] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me partially uncovers her to check on her artificial hand.
[2014/06/02 16:49] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): /me ‘s replacement seems disabled for the moment.
[2014/06/02 16:50] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me inspects the join to the flesh for any signs of infection or rejection before letting it rest back down, moving to check her leg. “Once you’re feeling well enough we’ll test these out to make sure they respond well.”
[2014/06/02 16:50] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Tepic was very glad your tail is alright at least.
[2014/06/02 16:50] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me smiles.
[2014/06/02 16:50] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Oh…yes…tails need to work.
[2014/06/02 16:51] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): How else could I run?
[2014/06/02 16:51] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Have you spotted him lately, Ms. Book?
[2014/06/02 16:51] Bookworm Hienrichs: Not since yesterday.
[2014/06/02 16:51] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me smiles back to Beatrixe, nodding as he pulled the blankets back up to her chin.
[2014/06/02 16:51] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): How did he seem?
[2014/06/02 16:51] Bookworm Hienrichs: Like his old self, thankfully.
[2014/06/02 16:52] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): I’m so relieved to hear that. I’m glad you thought of this.
[2014/06/02 16:52] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me nods thoughtfully.
[2014/06/02 16:52] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): I’m not very good at finding loopholes despite my experience.
[2014/06/02 16:53] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me pats Beatrixe’s shoulder before turning his head back to Book “Did you wish to move her to my house for her continued care?”
[2014/06/02 16:54] Bookworm Hienrichs: That would probably be best. I’m sure she’ll need some specialized care.
[2014/06/02 16:54] Bookworm Hienrichs: And admittedly, I’ve been thinking of leaving for a little while, and travel. I could use the relaxation time.
[2014/06/02 16:54] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Only a little. For now it’s primarily rest. But I can arrange for it.
[2014/06/02 16:55] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me smiles sympathetically “I can certainly imagine”
[2014/06/02 16:57] Bookworm Hienrichs: Let me know when you’re ready for her, and we’ll help transport her.
[2014/06/02 16:58] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me nods. “I’ll go prepare a bed for her. We have a quiet room off the side of the attic that will be perfect.”
[2014/06/02 16:59] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me smiles. “Do you need anything now, Beatrixe? Any water, perhaps?”
[2014/06/02 16:59] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): No…no water…
[2014/06/02 16:59] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Just…
[2014/06/02 16:59] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Tea would be nice.
[2014/06/02 16:59] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me smiles back to Beatrixe. “Rest well and try to relax. I’ll be back to collect you later.”
[2014/06/02 17:00] Bookworm Hienrichs: I’ll bring the tea up soon.
[2014/06/02 17:00] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me goes into the kitchen to fetch the tea.
[2014/06/02 17:01] Bookworm Hienrichs: Would you like anything, doctor?
[2014/06/02 17:01] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): No, I’m alright. Though I’ll be heading back home to get things ready for her.
[2014/06/02 17:01] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Thank you so much for caring for her, Ms. Book
[2014/06/02 17:01] Bookworm Hienrichs: All right. Thank you for coming – it’ll be a relief to see her in your care.
[2014/06/02 17:01] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me smiles.
[2014/06/02 17:02] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): /me smiles and nods “Of course, Ms. Book”
[2014/06/02 17:02] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): I’ll see you in a while then.
[2014/06/02 17:02] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me takes the mug of tea, and detours to the door to let you out.
[2014/06/02 17:02] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Good day for now.
[2014/06/02 17:02] Bookworm Hienrichs: Good afternoon.
[2014/06/02 17:03] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me helps to prop you up, and hands you the mug of tea.
[2014/06/02 17:03] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): /me sits up and reaches for the tea in her new hand, which breaks the mug
[2014/06/02 17:04] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): /me frowns
[2014/06/02 17:04] Bookworm Hienrichs: Oh, dear!
[2014/06/02 17:04] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Tea doesn’t like me anymore.
[2014/06/02 17:04] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me carefully picks out the broken pieces of the mug. “I’m sure it will again. It just needs to get used to you.”
[2014/06/02 17:05] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Oh?
[2014/06/02 17:05] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me takes the quilt off the bed, and sees that the tea, thankfully, hasn’t soaked through it to the sheets beneath.
[2014/06/02 17:05] Bookworm Hienrichs: Well, your hand. It’s… different.
[2014/06/02 17:05] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): So tea -will- like me again?
[2014/06/02 17:05] Bookworm Hienrichs: I’m sure it will.
[2014/06/02 17:07] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me hurries out a moment, and returns with a new quilt, laying it over you.
[2014/06/02 17:07] Bookworm Hienrichs: Just rest. We’ll try the tea again later.
[2014/06/02 17:08] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): /me relaxes back, wishing that tea would hurry up
[2014/06/02 17:09] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Oh…
[2014/06/02 17:10] Bookworm Hienrichs: Hmm?
[2014/06/02 17:10] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): I meant to ask…
[2014/06/02 17:10] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): How did I lose my eye? And everything.
[2014/06/02 17:10] Bookworm Hienrichs: Do you remember letting Tepic into the asylum?
[2014/06/02 17:11] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): All the not you’s told me it was something there, yes.
[2014/06/02 17:11] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): And yes, I was giving him a tour.
[2014/06/02 17:11] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me nods.
[2014/06/02 17:11] Bookworm Hienrichs: You brought him to Canergak’s lab, and he set free that cat that is down there. It… attacked you.
[2014/06/02 17:11] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): I wasn’t supposed to be showing him the downstairs.
[2014/06/02 17:11] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Don’t tell Mr. Canergak.
[2014/06/02 17:11] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): /me lifts a hand to lips and makes shhh
[2014/06/02 17:11] Bookworm Hienrichs: He knows, I’m afraid.
[2014/06/02 17:12] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Oh
[2014/06/02 17:12] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): …
[2014/06/02 17:12] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Why would a cat attack me?
[2014/06/02 17:12] Bookworm Hienrichs: It was scared, and didn’t realize you weren’t trying to harm it.
[2014/06/02 17:13] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Why would it be scared of me?
[2014/06/02 17:14] Bookworm Hienrichs: It’s scared of everyone.
[2014/06/02 17:14] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): I should invite it for tea…when tea likes me again.
[2014/06/02 17:14] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me nods.
[2014/06/02 17:15] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Along with Beryl.
[2014/06/02 17:15] Bookworm Hienrichs: I’m afraid Beryl isn’t up for tea, either.
[2014/06/02 17:16] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Awww…
[2014/06/02 17:16] Bookworm Hienrichs: He’s been missing for quite some time.
[2014/06/02 17:16] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): You mean he didn’t make it back from there either yet?
[2014/06/02 17:17] Bookworm Hienrichs: Back from… ahhh.
[2014/06/02 17:17] Beatrixe Rouse (beatrixerouse): Hmmm…maybe he needs some music to help him too.
[2014/06/02 17:17] Bookworm Hienrichs: /me remembers the other time he was in a coma.
[2014/06/02 17:17] Bookworm Hienrichs: Maybe…
[2014/06/02 17:18] Bookworm Hienrichs: I shall have to talk to Tepic soon. Or at least send him a note.

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