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Journal of Dr. Dinosaur

I have gotten the systems on the dishwas- TIME MACHINE!!! (I have to stop calling it that!)

so it’s finally active, and nw I can go more than just quick short jaunts across Babbage.

I immediatly tried to return to the days of my pack, setting the designation for the Jurassic period, and activated the device as I had before (smashing the rock into it)

It started, I was overjoyed at the thought of rejoining my pack and bringing them back to the future with me, until I opened the door and stepped out.

I was not in my time!!!! I was in some large structure of confusing rooms instead!!!!

they did have a library though, that I browsed through and learned some more of my own machine, apparantly this was a group that had mastered time and built these dishwa-(scribbled out)- time machines similar to the one I had found, and what’ more I was currently landed at one of their stations. I read on, getting as much information as I could until growing bored, I went to explore the rest. 

I found the bar, happily and drank my fill of beer before wandering off, and soon found a room that was very much like my own machine, but brighter, I had thought maybe this would ge me to my time, but I no sooner pressed a button, when warning alarms went off, and a large gun of some sort emerged and fired.  I blacked out after I was hit and came to on my own floor.

After gnashing my teeth and raging (I also noticed that the floor of my machine had become stone too interesting enough), I calmed and tried again, this time stepping out to another enclosed area, though much darker, and I could see the night sky out the window.  it was only after a closer look, when I tried to see a horizon or ground and saw neither that I panicked and raced back to the egg-like shape of my time machine.  Catching my breath I attempted one more time, stepping out into a city of sorts, where there were apes driving wheeled vehicles, guilded gargoyels on the sides f towering buildings I lost sight of as they dissappeared into the clouds, and then a large metal bird flew above and again, I panicked and returned to the safety of the dishwasher.

I will have to continue adjusting it’s mechanisms and trying to find my own time, but I think a personal death ray to arm myself may be a good investment as well




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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs September 27, 2010

    Aren’t most dinosaurs larger than humans?  Ought to enjoy larger buildings. *grin*

  2. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington September 27, 2010

    ((yup DrDino, i seen your name on the kill list of the security report of my station…naughty naughty, messing with the pinnacle of timelord engineering like that…rofl!))

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